Sponsor Spotlight: Zing Bars

By Monday, September 26, 2016 October 3rd, 2016 2016, Cyclocross, Sponsor

Zing Bars was created by four nutritionists from Bastyr University who were seeking to recommend a energy bar for patients. When the search for the perfect bar did not yield a satisfactory product, Zing Bars was created. Today, Zing Bars come in 12 varieties, with an optimal balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.

Why we like Zing:

First and foremost, we like Zing Bars for their flavor. They taste decidedly better than most energy bars, and the texture feels fresh, chewable, and digestible. We also appreciate that Zing Bars come in a real variety of flavors.

Five things you should know about Zing:

  • The newest flavors of Zing are Lemon Cashew Crunch and Dark Chocolate Mocha
  • The protein profile for all 12 Zing Bars are specific and strategic:  Brown Rice Protein, Pea Protein, or Whey Protein
  • All 12 flavors of Zing Bars are certified gluten-free
  • You can purchase Zing Bars directly from Zing here
  • Treatment winners receive Zing Bars

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