Win 50% Off Season Pass

By Tuesday, August 20, 2019 2019, Cyclocross

The day of the first MFG Cyclocross race ever, 9/13/2009, the NPR Sunday Puzzle was a game called “Pie Divided”. The gist of the game is a hint is given to a two-word phrase where the first word starts with “pi” and the second work ends in “e”. For instance: “what powers your car?”, “piston engine”. So let’s go all the way back to the first photoset posted from that race on Flickr to find a something in the pictures that meets the terms of “Pie Divided”. Here is a link to the photos:

Find the phrase (or phrases) we are looking for and you got yourself a 50% off discount code for a Season Pass that can be purchased here:

Enter your guess as with no spaces and all lowercase (ex. pistonengine) into the discount code box on checkout to see if you found the winning phrase.

There will be five lucky winners. Game ends next Tuesday, 8/27. Good luck.