Team Tents at Brian Tracy Experience

By Thursday, October 1, 2015 October 12th, 2015 2015, Cyclocross
  1. Tents need to be load in by 8:30. Load in off of Silver Lake Road through the gate. See diagram for traffic flow.
  2. Tent locations are show on diagram. Please run two rows of tents in the area along from the Start-Finish stretch.
  3. Please start setting up tents at the far end towards the Start Line.
  4. Please hold the tent 5′ off the course tape and run two rows back to back.
  5. Please butt tents up to each other whenever possible. We have over 50 tents to get into these areas.
  6. No vehicles or trailers can be used in the Team Tent Area this week. The site is too tight.
  7. If you set up outside this area Zac Daab will take your tent down “east coast style”.