Sponsor Spotlight: The Cycling House

By Wednesday, October 26, 2016 2016, Cyclocross, Sponsor

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Location: Tucson, AZ

The Cycling House was born out of cold Montana winters being training-prohibitive in the InterWest region.   The goal was to find a venue where the weather was great, the rain was non-existent, and the terrain was plentiful: namely, Tucson, Arizona.

The Cycling House takes a comprehensive approach to the concept of a training vacation by incorporating elements such as health, nutrition, and equipment along side great rides, amazing food, and first-class accommodations.

The Cycling House includes the following during each trip to their Tucson location:

  • 5 Nights/6 Days Accommodations (double occ.)
  • Airport Transfers to/from Tucson Airport (TUS)
  • 3 Chef Prepared Meals/Day
  • Bicycle Mechanic Support
  • Bike Build & Break Down
  • Ride Nutrition
  • All Shuttle to/from Rides

Add-on’s include:

  • Bike Rental
  • Massage Therapy

Why we like The Cycling House:

As if it wasn’t enough to provide amazing food and first-class accommodations, The Cycling House offers Power Tap demos, Garmin demos, brand-name nutrition, and high end bike rentals at a very affordable price.    What’s more, The Cycling House is dialed down to details such as all-natural shampoos, conditions, and soaps.   It’s the little details that count, right?

The Cycling House has been a proud sponsor of MFG Cyclocross for eight years now, and last year their week-long stay at the house was the first and most desired prize among the MFG category winners.    Ask Kempton Baker for details on his stay!

Five things you should know about The Cycling House:

  1. For 2017, there are TEN camps from which to choose.
  2. The Cycling House has one of the most organized trip matrices in the business!
  3. Trips start under $2000 for 6 days.
  4. Custom Camps are available.
  5. TCH president Owen G. raced for the Seattle-based Broadmark Capital Cycling Team, now Hagens Berman.