Sponsor Spotlight: Outdoor Research

By Wednesday, November 2, 2016 2016, Cyclocross, Sponsor


MFG Sponsor: Outdoor Research

Website: www.outdoorresearch.com

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Location: Seattle, WA

Outdoor Research was established in 1981 by a Ron Gregg.  You can see a video about OR here.

Why we like Outdoor Research:

When you take a glance at Outdoor Research’s Core Values, it’s clear why we like this company so much.   Outdoor Research values:

1.  A Culture of Respect

2.  Innovation that Works

3.  Improve Every Day

4.  Beauty In Function

5.  The Power of the Journey

Five things you should know about Outdoor Research:

  1. OR has a retail store on 1st Avenue South.
  2. The Floodlight Jacket is fully waterproof and down insulated.
  3. OR offers an Infinite Guarantee on all of their products.
  4. The OR Razoredge is the official jackets of MFG Staff.
  5. MFG Staff and Series Winners are fully outfitted by Outdoor Research.