Sponsor Spotlight: Nuun

By Monday, October 16, 2017 2016, Cyclocross, Sponsor


MFG Sponsor: Nuun

Website: www.nuun.com

Twitter: @nuunhydration

Facebook: nuun

What Nuun does:

  • Nuun is a local Seattle company that pioneered the concept of an electrolyte tablet without all the sugars or plastic bottle waste. The company focuses on delivering optimal hydration for whatever activity you choose, leaving you to find energy from bars, or waffles!
  • Nuun is comprised of triathletes, runners, climbers, and cylcocross racers, so they are often out there racing with you.
  • The Nuun hydration tent is present at all MFG venues, with Nuun on tap to fill bottles and maintain proper hydration.

Why we like Nuun:

Nuun has been a MFG series sponsor from the start.   Perhaps more than any other vendor, Nuun has made a dedicated effort to staff a professional booth at nearly all MFG events, raced the days races, and help tear down at the end.   The crew at Nuun includes Tyler S. and Peter B. and has a very strong and positive presence at all MFG events.

Beyond the involvement of Tyler and Peter and MFG events, Nuun as a company is extremely involved in many outdoor events.  If you look at kits from racing teams around the Northwest, you’ll see the Nuun mark on the backside of many racers.   Call it branding, call it lifestyle:  one thing is for certain, Nuun is OUT in the field, doing great work.

Five things you should know about Nuun:

  1. The newly formulated Nuun Performance uses dextrose and cane sugar to aid in fluid recovery.
  2. Nuun Electrolytes are effervescent so that they dissolve quickly, and do not clump on the bottom of your bottle.
  3. Nuun Performance pouches come in Orange/Mango and Blueberry/Strawberry
  4. Four of Nuun Electrolyte flavors come caffeinated.
  5. Nuun sponsors elite running star Kara Goucher