Sponsor Spotlight: MIIR

By Sunday, September 10, 2017 2016, Cyclocross, Sponsor


Photo: Sara Billups


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The concept and spirit of MIIR was founded by Bryan Pape, after breaking his femur in a ski accident.  Bryan’s vision at that sobering moment was to live a more generous life while thinking of others.   Today, that altruistic epicenter has led MIIR to bring distinct products to market including innovative bikes, bags, and hydration products.

Why we like MIIR

  • The form and function of all MIIR products are elegant and intuitive
  • MIIR gives 5% of revenue to trackable giving projects
  • MIIR offers a geared, disc-brake commuter for under $800
  • The draft list at the MIIR cafe is insane!

5 Things You Should Know About MIIR

  • MIIR is the official sponsor of MFG #1 at Lake Sammamish State Park
  • MIIR’s flagship store and cafe is located in Fremont, right off of Stone Way
  • Currently there are over 20 beers on draft at the MIIR cafe
  • You can host a party and reserve an event room at the MIIR Flagship
  • You’ll find MIIR employees Joshua Stinger and Ian Crane at the front of all MFG singlespeed races