Sponsor Spotlight: Clement Tires

By Sunday, November 1, 2015 July 5th, 2017 2015, Cyclocross, Sponsor

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MFG Sponsor:   Clement Tires

Website: Clementcycling.com

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Location: Denver, CO

Clement is a returning MFG sponsor thanks in large part to our friend and Clement employee Johs Huseby.   While Clement was a French brand that dates back to 1878 for bicycle tire production, the modern day iteration of Clement is US-based in Colorado.

Clement has chosen an interesting and clever nomenclature for all their tires:  They use airport codes that represent the design mission of the tire.   The PDX is a great mud tire, paying homage to Portland, ORE.   The LAS is a great fast file-tread which pays tribute to Las (Cross) Vegas.

Why we like Clement:

Clement is offering relevant, affordable, and durable cyclocross tires in clincher and tubular formats.

Five things you should know about Clement:

  1. Their tubulars are some of the straightest and most durable tubulars on the market, that still ride nicely.
  2. Their clinchers are vulcanized during production, so you’ll NEVER see a Clement tire tread de-laminate from the casing.
  3. Cascade Bicycle Studio stocks the Clement LAS, PDX, and MXP tires in clincher and tubular.
  4. The LAS file tread is one of the fastest cyclocross tires on the market.
  5. Clement also offers mountain bike and gravel road tires.