• Final Details for Nine2Five 2015 Released

    We are very excited to offer the second annual Nine2Five on Sunday, July 26th. This eight hour mountain bike race for solo, 2-person, 3-person and 4-person teams will be raced at a new venue, 306 Trails in Gig Harbor, WA. For 2015 we will be offering camping Saturday night onsite and dinner to all riders and teams finishing in the top three following award ceremonies. Visit the Nine2Five webpage for full details.

    Scenes from 2014 in Roslyn, WA. A very good eight hours.






  • Sponsor Spotlight: Vision Wheels


    MFG Sponsor:   Vision Wheels


    FacebookVision Tech USA

    What Vision Tech does:

    Vision Tech is the maker of high end wheelsets and cockpit components for road, cyclocross, time trial, and triathlon disciplines.   Vision’s wheel line includes offerings made from carbon fiber, aluminum, as well as tubular and clincher options, and disc and rim brake options.

    Why we like Vision Tech:

    Perhaps you’ve noticed Vision Tech at all the MFG races this year.   Maybe you received wheel service or demo wheels at the races from Vision.  Or maybe you are a series winner and will win a brand new set of Vision wheels.  No matter the scenario, it’s clear that Vision is active in the cyclocross community and supports MFG in big ways.

    Five things you should know about Vision:

    1. Vision offers wheels for cyclocross in disc and rim brake versions.
    2. The full rear TT disc wheel from Vision is made entirely by hand and looks incredibly fast.
    3. Vision will be on hand at the Season End Party doing a silent raffle for a pair of wheels laced to Chris King hubs
    4. The Metron 55 wheelset weighs just 1400 grams for a wheelset that is 55mm deep.
    5. Vision wheels have been street tested and have this video to prove it.
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  • Woodland Park Update


    Thanks to Nuun Hydration and the other 25 people who came out to Woodland Park yesterday to help restore the course and get the grounds back to healing at Woodland Park.

    With races still coming up in December, we strongly ask that you refrain from riding the actual course at Woodland Park as you train for other races.

    Let’s see if we can keep the work done on Monday progressing forward rather than going backwards.

    Thank you!

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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Zing Bar


    MFG Sponsor:   Zing Bars


    FacebookZing Bars

    What Zing does:

    Zing Bars was created by four nutritionists from Bastyr University who were seeking to recommend a energy bar for patients.   When the search for the perfect bar did not yield a satisfactory product, Zing Bars was created.  Today, Zing Bars come in 10 varieties, with an optimal balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.

    Why we like Zing:

    First and foremost, we like Zing Bars for their flavor.  They taste decidedly better than most energy bars, and the texture feels fresh, chewable, and digestible.   We also appreciate that Zing Bars come in a real variety of flavors.

    Five things you should know about Zing:

    1. The protein profile for all ten Zing Bars are specific and strategic:  5 from Brown Rice Protein, 2 from Pea Protein, 3 from Whey Protein.
    2. All ten flavors of Zing Bars are certified gluten-free.
    3. You can purchase Zing Bars directly from Zing here.
    4. Zing Bars provided Treatment Winners with Zing Bars all season at MFG.
    5. Zing Bars attended EVERY MFG race in 2014 and sampled bars to all racers and spectators.
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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Subaru


    MFG Sponsor:   Subaru of America



    Facebook Subaru of America

    What Subaru does:

    • Subaru of America is the sales and marketing subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries of Japan.
    • Subaru is highly celebrated for the durability of their flat, Boxer engine
    • Subaru makes cars, sedans, wagons, SUV’s, and Crossovers

    Why we like Subaru:

    Subaru as a brand designs vehicles to be durable, with a balance of power and efficiency.   The iconic Outback wagon is the quintessential vehicle of the Northwest, and symbolizes the region’s dedication and love for the outdoors.

    Five things you should know about Subaru:

    1. The legendary Outback has been totally re-designed for 2015.
    2. The cavernous Forester has an enormous amount of  cargo space at 74.7 cubic feet.
    3. Most Subaru’s come stock with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive as a standard feature.
    4. In 2004, Subaru of Indiana became the first manufacturing facility in the United States to reach zero-landfill status.
    5. Subaru has been a business partner with the International Mountain Biking Association since 1997.
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