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Asphalt-Nearly 30% or more of a good cross race will consist of asphalt. When you fall on asphalt, it will hurt. It will also leave magic cuts where your clothing did not. You’ll go faster on asphalt than sand.

Belgium-A Kingdom in Northern Europe. Home to the current Cyclocross World Champion Niels Albert. The motherland of all motherlands for cyclocross. Home to the famed beef stew, Stoofvlees.

Call-Up-A procedure used at cross races to sort the wheat from the chaff. Typically, the top ten or so riders will be called up to a start grid, and will line up in order of ranking. This ranking can be based on placing in a series, placing at the last race, the large amount of money the rider’s manager paid the promoter, the size of a riders…foot.

Conquest – In the early ’90s Redline introduced the first production cross bike in the US with the Conquest . Redline made cyclocross more accessible to those who could not afford a custom cross frame or did not have the ingenuity to covert a road bike for cross. So prevalent was the Redline Conquest in Seattle in the ’90’s that folks would grab someone else’s bike by mistake to head to the start.

Dorking out-A habit many male cyclocross racers will exhibit before, during, and slightly after cross races. This could involve topics such as tire pressure measured in bar; the maximum power output at minute 13, white shoe covers, and/or the correct use and spelling of the word dampning. Many times, said habit will trump interacting with any other type of human, including attractive and single females.

Eggbeater-A type of pedal produced by the company Crank Brothers. This has been spelled, on CB’s own site, as eggbeater and/or egg beater; you get to choose. One of the advantages to racing cyclocross with an eggbeater pedal is that you get four chances to engage your foot into the pedal:  the pedal is four-sided.

Fashion-Portland, OR knows fashion at cyclocross races.  Seattle, not so much.

Grass-An often underutilized type of terrain found on a cyclocross course.  It’s MFG’s opinion that cross courses should be made for grass.   There are many types of grass:   Gloucester Grass (slightly matted), Vegas Grass (deceptively slow), and South Seatac Grass (non-existent).

Hodala! Corner – A magical place on the the Woodland Park GP course where you are sure you will slide-out and crash but no the magic of Hodala! keeps you up.

Hup-A chant, taunt, or cheer, used in many European sporting events; synonymous with Go! Go! Go! It’s rumored that Belgian parents tell their kids to go to bed by saying, “Hup! Hup! Hup!”

Iddings-The Seattle-based cyclocross honch who has a better haircut than you.

J-Tek-An after market bicycle component which allows one brand of shifter to shift another brand’s derailleur. See Dorking Out.

Kalmthout-A village and municipality in Belgium which often plays host to the opening round of the Cyclocross World Cup series of races.  Mean average rainfall: 800mm

Kilometer-Measurement of distance they tried to convert you to in elemetray school. Equal to .62 miles. MFG courses are measured in kilometers and will range form 2.5 – 3.0 KM. Long enough for great racing, short enough for great spectating.

Phile-Someone fond of the culture of foriegn country. Soccer has Anglophiles, fans of hoodlums and pints, road riding has Italiaphiles, sissy who pay to much attention to style and fashion, cross has Belgiephiles (see also dorking out). These folks respect and admire the Hardman. Think Bart Wellens racing with broken wrist or Niels Albert winning Worlds after tearing his pancreas. Big seceret the human genome projet is all about finding the Hardman gene. The French need it for gene doping so the can win the Tour again someday.

Sally – An expression, a feeling, or an ethereal sensation. Or wait, I thought Sally was the cross-dressing marketing honch at Raleigh Bicycles?

The Whiteside – Hitting a tree, arms and legs wrapped around both sides complete with a comic like slide down the trunk.

2015 Calendar

Mountain Bike Racing
7.26 - MFG Nine2Five

MFG Cyclocross Schedule
9.13 - Lake Sammamish GP
9.20 - South Sound Super Prestige
10.3 - Brian Tracy Experience (Sat)
10.18 - Magnuson Park Cross
11.1 - North 40 CX
11.22 - Woodland Park GP

UCI Cyclocross Double Weekend
11.14 & 15 - Waves for Water Cyclocross Collaboration