Magnuson Park Cross Details

By Friday, October 11, 2019 2019, Cyclocross

Here are the details MFG Cyclocross – Magnuson Park Cross, Sunday October 13th.

Big thank you to NUUN our presenting sponsor of Magnuson Park Cross.

We are really looking forward to seeing you this Sunday at MFG #3, Magnuson Park Cross p/b Nuun. Here are a few reminders that are specific to the weekend:

1. We encourage you to carpool, bus, or commute by bike to the venue. The Burke-Gilman bike trail will take you to NE 65th Street and will set you up nicely to ride to the venue.

2. Please do not ride in wildlife/wetland trails as you head toward the venue. This is a huge request; please walk your bike if you find yourself taking a wetland trail to get to the venue.

3. As always, consumption of alcohol and open containers are not permitted in Seattle Parks. We have been told that representatives of Seattle Parks will be attending our event and walking the grounds. Please be respectful of park rules.

4. We will be working closely with Seattle Parks after the event is over to do any necessary restoration. Please avoid riding the race course after the event while restoration is in process.

Directions & Parking:
Encouraged transportation modes that are low to no impact:

Riding to the venue via the Burke Gilman
• Car-pooling with teammates
• Taking the bus to the event
• From Interstate 5, you can exit at either N.E. 45th Street (Exit #169) or N.E. 65th Street (Exit #171).

From the N.E. 45th Street exit, go east on 45th, past the University of Washington, and down the 45th Street ramp. Continue east past University Village Shopping Center. Bear left and continue about 2 miles. You will pass Seattle Children’s Hospital and Sand Point Village/Princeton Avenue.

From the I-5 N.E. 65th Street exit, head east approximately four miles on 65th (stay on the arterial!) until you have crossed Sand Point Way N.E. into the N.E. 65th Street entrance to Warren G. Magnuson Park.

From State Route 520 (SR520)

SR520 Bridge westbound is closed this weekend.

Discounted pricing ends at Midnight Saturday, October 12, 2019.

Register Here:

Race day registration can be done online on your own device or on devices provided by MFG Cyclocross at the Registration Area. If you plan to register on site with MFG Cyclocross provided devices, please sign up for Webscorer account in advance to help expedite the process.


2019 Cyclocross Race Timing Chip Policy

For the 2019 cyclocross racing season, MFG Cyclocross, Cross Revolution, NW CX Cup and Wednesday Night Worlds will be using the Dual Tag timing chip. If you already have a timing chip from a previous season please have it tested at registration at your first race. If you need a new chip it can be purchased for $5 at Registration and is guaranteed to work for 1 season. In future seasons, chips must be tested at the first race and if they don’t work, a new chip must be purchased.

Please note, this is not a rental charge. The chip is yours to keep. This cost is a direct pass through cost to Center Event for materials and labor.

Chips will be sold on site at each race.

Timing Chips and Bib Numbers:
If this is your first race of the series, please stop by Registration to pick-up your bib number and purchase your timing chip.

Both chip and bib must be worn during races. Please make sure you use your MFG Cyclocross series number. Riders not wearing a timing chip or a bib number will be disqualified. Numbers are pinned on the jersey on the back of the left shoulder. Timing chips are to be mounted to the helmet.

Riders racing two categories will be assigned separate bib numbers and chips.

If you have had any issues with scoring at the last two MFG Cyclocross races please stop by Registration on Sunday to confirm we have the correct timing chip number for you. A number of you have multiple chips and/or family members racing as well so some mix ups may have occurred on our side or your side. Best to double check data.

The Course:

Course map:

Some small modifications may be made to the course on race day.

Here and There by Chef Dane will be on site with a complete menu for breakfast & lunch.

Tripod Coffee will be serving.

Results will be posted at Customer Service and can be found on race day using The Webscorer app for smartphones is a great way to review results.

Results Review Protocol:

Results will be posted after each race, on-site, approximately 30 minutes after your race finishes and on If you believe your result is incorrect, please do ONE of the following

1. Go to our Customer Service tent at registration at the venue. Fill out a Results Review Form by 4:30 pm of race day
2. Send an email to by Monday at Noon PST and include your Name, Chip Number, Bib Number, Racing Category, and a brief explanation of your result.

We will review your result inquiry if one of these two steps are followed.

Race Day Prize:
In 2019 we will be doing prizes, awards and podium presentations for each and every category at all six races. Podium presentations will be done at Customer Service based on this schedule:

• 9:30 AM & 10:20 AM Races – 11:30 AM Podium Presentation
• 11:10 AM & 12:00 PM Races – 1:30 PM Podium Presentation
• 1:00 PM PM Races – 2:00 PM Podium Presentation
• 1:40 PM Races – 3:15 PM Podium Presentation
• 2:40 PM Races – 4:00 PM Podium Presentations

Elite Men and Women’s Payout:

The payout for Men and Women is equal and as follows:
Elite Men and Women, 1st Place: $80
Elite Men and Women, 2nd Place: $60
Elite Men and Women, 3rd Place: $40

Social Media:
The official social media hashtag for MFG Cyclocross 2019 will be #mfgcross. We love to see your experiences at the races so please tag it up.

Find us at:

Tent Setup:
Here are the details for tent set up this Sunday at Magnuson Park Cross:

1. View Course Map for Location –
2. Tents must be loaded in by 8:00 am.
3. Tents will be placed on the west and east side of Lake Shore Drive running North from Course Crossing near the Cross Park Trail. We need a walking path left down the middle. Tents one deep on each side. If we overflow this area tents will go one deep along the south, west perimeter of Parking Lot E4 at the end of Lake Shore Drive.
4. Team cars that will at the venue all day can park in the center parking spots in Parking Lot E4 at the end of Lake Shore Drive.
5. No trailers or cars in line with tents this week. Team cars and trailers can be parked in center spots of Parking Lot E4 at the end of Lake Shore Drive. Cars will not be able to leave this lot until the final race is finished.
6. Tents will not be allowed in any other area.
7. Tent Setup in Seattle Parks:
8. Tents with blank tops can be set up for no fee (example: a blue tent)
9. Tents with club logos that do not promote a commercial licensed for-profit or not-profit organization can be set up for no fee (example: Soft Like Kitten’s tent).
10. Tents with logos promoting a commercial licensed for-profit or not-profit organization must pay a $50 fee for each tent (examples: Team Group Health’s or Team Audi’s tent). Payment for these tents will be collected by Zac Daab on site day of race.
11. If you would like to pay in advance please send PayPal payment Please note your team name with payment. Thank you.