FSA Neutral Support

By Saturday, June 13, 2015 July 5th, 2017 2015, Cyclocross, Sponsor

Our good friends down in Woodinville at Full Speed Ahead are tacking on more goodness for us this season with the addition of Neutral Support at each MFG Cyclocross race.  FSA’s neutral support program will offer free service, pit work, wheels, parts and general help.

“Our basic goal is to help provide support to the lower categories so they can feel like they are just as important as the  Pro 1-2’s,” according to Matthew Bianchi, FSA Technical Dept.

Super generous on FSA’s part but don’t be showing up with kicked equipment that should have been fixed the week before. Do fix that stuff with FSA parts though.

Keep your eye out for the following setup when sudden tragedy hits your CX rig:

-The FSA Sprinter Van
-Two tents
-A full service area for repairs and tunes.
-Wheels, stems, bars, posts and anything that may break during a race including small parts.
-Random swag and goodies (Whee!!!)