For Big Idea #6 we are asking our MFG Cyclocross racing community to consider donating funds you might have spent on a cyclocross season.   We realize that this has been the year of giving and also of hardship, so please know that is not lost on us.  Conservatively, we believe that folks easily invest over $500 into a cyclocross season:

  • Entry Fees:  $180
  • Gas to Races:  $50
  • Food at each race:  $120
  • New chain, new tires, tubeless install:  $200
  • New t-shirt, team kit, cut-off jeans:  $10-$300
  • Liquid/sugar/caffeinated/herbal courage: $100
  • Total:   $950

Typically at Woodland Park we see 1,000 riders come out for our event.  If only 1/3 of our entries can donate 1/10 of a cyclocross season investment ($50) we will surpass our goal of raising $15,000 for Big Idea 6.   Below are three organizations that we are focusing our efforts for Big Idea 6.

L.O.V.E. T.O.


The goal of the L.O.V.E T.O. (Lending Our Voluntary Effort to Others) program is to provide access to young African American men and women with multiple barriers to education and economic opportunity, to attain the skills and opportunities needed to obtain a career in construction and thus improve their quality of life. L.O.V.E. T.O. has five critical learning outcomes for students related to success in the construction field, including:

(1) Life Skills and Work Ethics,
(2) Trade Proficiencies to enter an Apprenticeship,
(3) Drivers License support,
(4) Basic Construction Skills & some Math,
(5) Basic Knowledge of the trades in the Construction industry.

As a part of the training program students have been building tiny houses for emergency housing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The training program also participates in building a portion of twenty-two one bedroom cottages that will provide affordable housing at Magnuson Park.

Please help us support L.O.V.E. T.O. to make positive change in our community!

White Center Food Bank


Throughout our decade of producing racing in the state of Washington, we’ve visited many venues and communities.   One of our most memorable events took place in 2009 at King County’s Lakewood Park in White Center.  Located in the heart of White Center, this race utilized the grounds of Evergreen High School, Lakewood Park, and portions of the Lakewood Disc Golf course.

King County Parks and the White Center community embraced our event and this year we feel it is appropriate to give back to this community as we partner with the White Center Food Bank, which is essentially next door neighbors to our 2009 race course.

The White Center Food Bank has been around for 40 years, with a mission to minimize hunger while nourishing community, nurturing self-reliance, and embracing their rich cultural diversity.   WCFB offers a variety of assistance methods from a physical food bank distribution “grocery store” to a mobile food bank delivering food to those in need who may be mobility-challenged.

Please join us in supporting the White Center Food Bank!



For MFG Big Idea 6, we have identified the Technology Access Foundation as an organization we’d like to ask for your support, particularly during the current pandemic.   TAF’s mission statement is to help build collaborative relationships with public education to create access to transformative systems of learning for students and teachers of color to eliminate race-based disparities in an increasingly diverse society.  TAF’s programming includes physical Academies in Seattle and Federal Way; public school transformation teams helping schools integrate the TAF model; professional development programs for teachers and leaders who want to embed equitable, student-centered practices into daily instruction.

For a glimpse into TAF, you can view their newly created documentary here.

Please join us in supporting the Technology Access Foundation!

Additional Information

To start your own Big Idea ride full information can by reviewed here.

Featured Ride

Rad Racing p/b Cycle U

RAD powered by Cycle U Is a non-profit Junior bicycle racing team located in Seattle, WA with 30 members. The Junior team would like to give other youths the same opportunities they have, which is why they have chosen The Major Taylor Project, a program run by Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation, as their organization to support. 100% of funds raised will go to Major Taylor.

– Inter-team competition
Major Taylor

Suggested Challenges

For over the past decade you have look to us to tell you what to do each Sunday. Race Cyclocross! Here are some suggestions for fundraiser ride / challenges:

  • Ride to every MFG Venue on the same day.
  • Everest on a local run-up with five our your teammates as a relay.
  • Ride 10 miles of sand.
  • Ride a mile for every minute your race would have been on this date on a MTB.