Who Is In!

The following folks have stepped up to the challenge of Big Idea #5. Please browse and support riders and causes that speak to you. Thank you.

Rad Racing p/b Cycle U
– Inter-team competition
Major Taylor

Your Cycling Team
– Run-Up Everest Relay
– Team’s Benefiting Organization

Crazy Person
– 60,000′ Climbing in 24 Hours
– Crazy Person’s Benefiting Organization

Running Man
– 1,000 Barriers Before Lunch
-Running Man’s Benefiting Organization

More Rides to Come

Riders and Rides added as folks register. Check in frequently for updates.

Additional Information

To start your own Big Idea ride full information can by reviewed here.

Featured Ride

Supporting Partner


Big Idea 5 is supported by The Cycling House.   You can learn more about The Cycling House and all their destination vacations for 2021 here.

Suggested Challenges

For over the past decade you have look to us to tell you what to do each Sunday. Race Cyclocross! Here are some suggestions for fundraiser ride / challenges:

  • Ride to every MFG Venue on the same day.
  • Everest on a local run-up with five our your teammates as a relay.
  • Ride 10 miles of sand.
  • Ride a mile for every minute your race would have been on this date on a MTB.