Course Description

Flat, fast, except, oh yeah, three sections of sand, two of them getting more and more impossible to ride through the day. Plenty of fast sweeping turns that beg your judgment at what speed to take. Bring your speed and running acumen.

#protip – You don’t have to attack the sand, you have to be able to attack after the sand when your competitors are hurting.

Driving Directions

  • From I-90 East take Exit 15 WA-900 W/17th Ave NW. Turn left on WA-900/17th Ave NW. Turn left on NW Sammamish Road. Enter the park on the right at main entrance.
  • From I-90 West take Exit 15 WA-900 W/17th Ave NW. Turn right on WA-900/17th Ave NW. Turn left on NW Sammamish Road. Enter the park on the right at main entrance.


Time Category Duration Podium Presentation
9:30am Cat 4 Men
Cat 4 Master Men 35+
Master Men 55+
40 minutes 11:30am
10:20am Cat 4 Master Men 45+
Clydesdale Class
Master Men 60+
Beginning Men
40 minutes 11:30am
10:30am Little Kids Race separate, kid-specific course (Free!)
11:10am Cat 3 Women
Master Women 50+
Cat 3/4 Master Women
Cat 4 Women
Beginning Women
40 minutes 1:30pm
12:00pm Cat 3 Master Men 35+
Cat 3 Master Men 45+
Master Men 50+
Elite Master Women
45 minutes 1:30pm
1:00pm High School Boys & Girls
Middle School Boys & Girls
3rd – 5th Grade Boys & Girls
1st & 2nd Grade Boys & Girls
30 minutes 2:00pm
1:40pm Cat 3 Men
SS Men
SS Women
45 minutes 3:15pm
2:40pm Elite Men
Elite Master Men
Elite Women
60 minutes 4:00pm

VENUE: Lake Sammamish State Park
CITY/STATE: Issaquah, WA


Registration available at webscorer-color.gif


Not yet available. Please check back later.

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Course Map

Additional Information

  • If this is your first MFG race of the year, or you need a chip/bib, please come to registration. If you are pre-registered and have your chip/bib you do not need to come to registration.
  • For latest news and updates be sure and check out MFG’s Facebook page.

Parking Fee
Washington State Parks require a Discover Pass for parking or a $10 Day Parking Fee.

Race Day Checklist!
Be sure and go through this checklist to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything!