Close Series Points Battles at the 2017 Finale

By Monday, November 13, 2017 2017, Cyclocross

We have exciting battles in several categories for Series Points Championships going into the finale at Woodland Park GP. Here are the races to watch this Sunday:

Cat 1/2 – 4 pts separate Steve Fisher and Spencer Paxson

Cat 1/2 45+ Men – 4 pts separate Doug Carlton and Craig Undem

Cat 3 35+ Men – 6 pts separate Joshua Simmons and Ruaraidh Stenson

Cat 3 45+ Men – 1 pt separates Peter Benarcik and Keith Heinzelman

Cat 3 Women – 2 pts separate Liz Nettles and Mallory Nowels

Cat 3/4 Women 40+ – 3 pts separate Jane Matera and Malie Greening

Cat 4 35+ Men – 2 pts separate Christopher Quest and Mark Doane

Cat 4 45+ Men – 5 pts separate Cameron James, Colby Titland and Wayne Wakmen

Clydesdale – 2 pts separate Russ Sovde and Jim Bowes

Barring an unexpected collapse (as only seen between Zac Daab and Zach Phillips in 2014 in the Cat 3 35+ Men) or an unfortunate mechanical the winners of the above categories should come from the listed riders. Good luck to all of you on Sunday and may you all have a clean, fair and classy battle.