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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Deschutes

    MFG Sponsor:Deschutes


    Twitter:   Deschutes

    Facebook: Deschutes

    What Deschutes does:

    Deschutes Brewery, located in Central Oregon along the banks of the wild and scenic Deschutes River, has brewed a family of handcrafted ales since 1988. Starting out as a small brewpub in the heart of downtown Bend, Deschutes’ first beers were Black Butte Porter, Bachelor Bitter and Cascade Golden Ale.

    Now Deschutes offers seven year-round offerings:

    • Black Butte Porter
    • Mirror Pond Pale Ale
    • Inversion IPA
    • Obsidian Stout
    • Green Lakes Organic Ale
    • Cascade Ale
    • Bachelor ESB

    Why we like Deschutes:

    When you visit Bend, OR., it seems super likely that you’d stop by the brew pub to have a meal and a drink.  If you do, be sure to sample the Ultimate Pub Fries and the House-Baked Pretzel to get things started.    The atmosphere is uniquely Bend at the Public House:  laid back, friendly, with most patrons having a lower heart than yours.

    Deschutes has been extremely generous to MFG and to StarCrossed, and to cyclocross in general.   Even after being a major sponsor and host to a national caliber event like CX Nats in 2009 and in 2010, Deschutes still dedicates time, effort, and money to other cyclocross events on the regional and local level.

    At StarCrossed in 2013, over 18 kegs were drained, and next year Deschutes has a plan to speed up lines and serve even more beer!  At MFG this year, Deschutes generously offered select and random pre-registered riders 6-packs BEFORE they even started racing!

    Deschutes clearly loves cyclocross and has been so supportive of MFG.

    Five things you should know about Deschutes:

    1. Black Butte Porter, Bachelor Bitter, and Cascade Golden Ale were the OG three beers back in 1988.
    2. Red Chair NWPA is a more subtle, less-hoppy pale, which is available seasonally.
    3. Black Butte XXI (Special Reserve) is 11% ABV!
    4. Deschutes Brewery Brewmaster is Larry Sidor
    5. Yes, a black IPA does exist!
  • Revised Race Day Schedule for MFG #5 – SCCA/Starbucks GP

    Due to scheduling conflicts at Marymoor Velodrome on November 2nd, we have made some welcomed and fun changes to the race day schedule for MFG #4, the SCCA/Starbucks GP. Full details are posted here:

    We have added a Beer Garden (permit pending) with net proceeds going to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and will be starting later in the day with the first race going off at 1:00 pm.

    A number of races will be racing under the lights of the Marymoor Velodrome that day. Please review the schedule as start times have been rearranged a bit from the standard MFG Cyclocross race day schedule. Also note clocks fall back one hour on November 2nd.

  • Team Standing After MFG Cyclocross #3

    Blue Rooster super at The Super Duper taking first place for the race and overtaking Alki-Rubicon for the overall lead in the Team Series Competition.  Hagens Bergman finishes strong in second place for the race and moving closer to the overall podium.  Alki-Rubicon is third for the race, dropping to second in the overall.

  • Sponsor Spotlight: The Cycling House


    MFG Sponsor:   The Cycling House


    Facebook: thecyclinghouse

    Location: Tucson, AZ

    The Cycling House was born out of cold Montana winters being training-prohibitive in the InterWest region.   The goal was to find a venue where the weather was great, the rain was non-existent, and the terrain was plentiful:   namely, Tucson, Arizona.

    The Cycling House takes a comprehensive approach to the concept of a training vacation by incorporating elements such as health, nutrition, and equipment along side great rides, amazing food, and first-class accommodations.

    The Cycling House includes the following during each stay:

    • Fully Guided Rides
    • Great Accommodations
    • Vehicle Sag Support
    • Amazing Food
    • Coaching
    • Trail Running Guide
    • Hammer Nutrition Fuels
    • Bike Assembly/Breakdown
    • Transportation To/From Airport
    • Lap Swim Shuttles
    • WiFi Internet
    • Bike Handling / Descending Clinic
    • Massage Therapy Available*
    • Core Workout Sessions
    • Garmin Fitness Demos
    • Oakley Sunglass Demo
    • CycleOps PowerTap Demos
    • HED Demo Wheels

    *Sports massage available from a very experienced therapist at $70/hour

    Why we like The Cycling House

    As if it wasn’t enough to provide amazing food and first-class accommodations, The Cycling House offers Power Tap demos, Garmin demos, brand-name nutrition, and high end bike rentals at a very affordable price.    What’s more, The Cycling House is dialed down to details such as all-natural shampoos, conditions, and soaps.   It’s the little details that count, right?

    The Cycling House has been a proud sponsor of MFG Cyclocross for FIVE years now, and their week-long stay at the house is always the most desired prize among the MFG category winners.  This year in 2014, there will be TWO chances to win the week-long stay.


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  • Race Report from The Super Duper

    Everett, Washington’s Thorton A Sullivan Park played host to the thid stop on last year’s MFG Cyclocross Series. The venue change was a last minute one, done after heavy rains made a joint venture with the Cascade Cross series in Bellingham impossible (the impact of nearly a thousand people and two days of racing would have been too high). This year however was a different story.

    This time 870 racers made the trek north from Seattle for what is the third stop on the 2014 MFG calendar. A race dubbed “The Super Duper”, named in honor the on-the-field exploits of Mark Duper, a wider receiver with the Miami Dolphins from 1982 – 1992. The course featured plenty of short punchy climbs, fast and lose off-camber descents, a two stepped run up, that only the fittest (or those best at finding good traction) could ride, fun single track, and the return of the double beach.

    Last year’s women’s series winner, Kristen Kelsey (AXIOMHVAC-Voler-Cycle U), who won through six consistent performances but never found the top step of the podium, took control of this year’s race from Andi Zolton (Nemesis Racing) on the second lap on a long paved climb. Kelsey attacked on a paved climb expecting Zolton to hold her wheel. The course’s technical nature worked against those in the position of chase, allowing Kelsey to reach the podium’s top step with a fifty-six second advantage. Recent Chicago transplant Trica Fleischer (ABD Racing) finished off the podium some twenty-seconds behind Andi Zolton.

    Kristen Kelsey(AXIOMHVAC-Voler-Cycle U) put together a strong ride to earn the top spot, increasing her lead in the series standings. Photo: Geoffery Crofoot

    Kristen Kelsey(AXIOMHVAC-Voler-Cycle U) put together a strong ride to earn the top spot, increasing her lead in the series standings. Photo: Geoffery Crofoot

    The men’s race played out in contrast to last week’s race, where a flat fast course allowed a group of six to control the entire race. This week a small group hung together for the first two laps, with Raleigh-FSA teammates Adam McGrath and Steve Fisher leading the charge. Fisher soon broke away from his teammate and a main chase group that included last year’s main instigators Russell Stevenson (Trek Collective) and Toby Swanson (Ravenna Capitol Management) who missed the first two series stops. Fisher took the win with a forty-five second advantage over Swanson, with Adam McGrath taking third. Special shout out to Scott Funston (Rad Racing NW), who at the age fifteen finished fifth, less than a minute behind the Fisher.


    Fisher (Raliegh/FSA) dominated the men’s race. Photo: Robert Grunau


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