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  • Magnuson Park CX Race Report

    A few days of the rains that Seattle is known for relented and gave way to near summer conditions for Sunday’s Magnuson Park CX, the fourth stop in the MFG series. 1,018 racers took to a course that started out wet, with patches of mud, that had mostly firmed up for the elite races in the afternoon. The predominately flat course took up a swath of Seattle’s enormous Warren G Magnuson park and featured a few technical bits in fields along Lake Washington.


    Busy & beautiful day in team row at MFG Cyclocross.

    The men’s race found a quick selection in the first lap, with Zach McDonald (KCCX), and the Raleigh/FSA duo of Steve Fisher and series leader Adam McGrath pulling away from the main group. The race quickly fractured into small chase groups that fought hard, but could never shrink the gap to the leaders.

    Fisher and McGrath mostly sat on, letting McDonald lead through the course, and take the brunt of the head wind through a long paved uphill finish straight, though there were times—only after some conversation—where the Fisher and McGrath would take a turn at the front.


    McGrath, McDonald & Fisher (L to R) on the lead.

    Fisher and McDonald dispatched McGrath in the final laps as the the now duo worked their way through lapped traffic. That continued till the charge to the line, where Fisher was able to put some distance into McDonald and came away with the race win. McGrath was able to defend his series points lead with his third place finish.

    The women’s race was also a hard fought affair, with Andi Zolton (Nemisis Racing) and Couer d’Alene, Idaho’s Jenni Gaertner (Vertical Earth) taking early control. The duo battled it out, with Gaertner setting the pace for a majority of the forty minutes.

    Zolton leads Geartner through the “Tennis Court Mud”.

    The two women put on a good show for the spectators as they each took turns putting in digs in attempts to get a gap, but the two always stayed close. The race was decided at the line, with Gaertner taking the win by a wheel. Monica Lloyd, put in a strong ride and took the final podium spot, coming in some eighteen seconds behind Zolton and Gaertner. Zolton moved into the tie for the series lead with Kristen Kelsey who was absent Sunday.

    The MFG series takes bye week next Sunday, but returns on November 2nd for the SCCA/Starbucks Grand Prix at Marymoor Park where the Cat 1/2 Men will finish under the lights.

  • Details for Magnuson Park CX

    Here are the details for Magnuson Park CX this Sunday, October 19th:

    Race Registration:
    Preregistration is closed. Race day registration is available.
    To best understand how to move through the registration lines please see this flow chart:

    Pre-Registered Riders + Season Pass Holders

    2. No paper form is necessary if you acknowledged the online pre-registration waiver

    Deschutes Six Pack Winners:
    David Vautier
    Colin Groark
    Pat Miller
    David Savory
    Robert Milligan
    Greg Hodges
    Nate Hoe
    Jason Walters
    Jacob Nauss
    John Sullivan
    Nick Adsero
    Karine Valliant-Saunders
    Dmitri Keating
    Neal Poland
    Zach Gordon
    Greg Dempsey, Jr.
    Jeff Rasor
    Andi Oden
    Jennifer Burtner
    James Rial

    Timing Chips and Bib Numbers:

    Both must be worn during races. Please make sure you use your MFG Cyclocross series number. Riders not wearing a timing chip or a bib number will be disqualified. Numbers are to pinned on the jersey on the back of the left shoulder. Timing chips are to be mounted to the helmet.
    The Course:

    Course map:

    Directions & Parking:
    Driving directions per Seattle Parks and Recreation posted here, Bicycle riding to venue encouraged. As you enter the park on NE 65th Street best to continue east through the park to the parking lots near the Boat Launch shown on the course map, Overflow parking will be available at the lot from 74th.

    The Here and There Grill will be on site with a complete menu for breakfast, lunch and sweets.

    Motofish Coffee will be serving.

    Results will be posted at Customer Service and can be found on race day using

    The 12:05 AM races will receive “The Treatment” at The Super Duper. In 2014 we will be rolling out the red carpet for one start time per week for all categories in that start time. We are dubbing this as “The Treatment”. The Treatment will include excellent prizes and podium presentations for the top-3 finishers as well as a celebrated call-up for the top-16 on Season Points and other start line amenities for all riders. All Podium Presentations will be done at the “MFG Truck” at the finish line.

    Cash prizes for Cat 1/2 Men and Women will be award three-deep at all races in the series.

    Social Media:
    The official social media hashtag for MFG Cyclocross 2014 will be #mfgcross. We love to see your experiences at the races so please tag it up.

    Find us at:

    Garmin Hole Shot Competition:
    At all 2014 MFG races, there will be a competition for the fastest time from the FINISH LINE forward to the Garmin Hole Shot sign. A Garmin prize will be awarded to the fastest male and female of the day who upload their file on Garmin Connect. (Strava will not be used for this competition)

    Beat the Hodala Rider:
    This week the Single Speed Men 45 Minute racers will be out trying to “Beat the Hodala” rider. All those racers that beat the Hodala rider will be entered into this week’s drawing for a gift certificate to Brouwer’s Cafe. If the Hodala rider wins the race then he or she gets the gift certificate. This week Randy Salamon will be flying the Hodala colors. Go get him.
    Team Competition:
    Remember to submit your team scores to teamcomp@mfgcyclocross by the Thursday following this race. Info on Team Competition:

    Team Tents:

    Here are the details for tent set up this Sunday:

    1. Course map here,
    2. Tents must be loaded in by 8:00 am.
    3. Tents will be placed on the west and east side of Lake Shore Drive running North from Course Crossing #4 (X4 on Course Map). We need a walking path left down the middle. Tents one deep on each side. If we overflow this area tents will go one deep along the south, west and north perimeter of Parking Lot E4 at the end of Lake Shore Drive.
    4. Team cars that will at the venue all day can park in the center parking spots in Parking Lot E4 at the end of Lake Shore Drive.
    5. No trailers or cars in line with tents this week. Team cars and trailers can be parked in center spots of Parking Lot E4 at the end of Lake Shore Drive. The front half this lot will be used for the Vendor Expo. Cars will not be able to leave this lot until the final race is finished.
    6. Tents will not be allowed in any other area.

    Reminder that branded tents advertising commercial / for-profit organizations can only erected for a fee and book a space in advance at If a spot is needed please book here,

    We will have a gift from Storyville Coffee for the first 19 Tent Captains who set up their tents in an orderly and proper manner. Zac or Terry will come visit you with your gift.

  • Sponsor Spotlight: Element Cycles


    MFG Sponsor:   Element Cycles


    Twitter:  @ElementCyclesWa


    What Element Cycless does:

    Element Cycles is the 2014 MFG Elite Men and Women’s sponsor.   Each week, leaders will be crowned with leaders jerseys from Castelli, with Element Cycles proudly displayed throughout the jersey.

    Element Cycles was formerly Sammamish Valley Cycles and is now nestled in their new location at 8215 160th Ave NE in Redmond.   Element Cycles works with the following bicycle vendors:    BMC, Bianchi, Cervelo, Sage Cycles Santa Cruz, Pinarello, Focus, and Moots, Norco. 

    Why we like Element Cycles:

    A quick glance at the new Element Cycles webpage makes it clear that Element is not only dedicated to the high-end road enthusiast market, but also the high end mountain market with brands like Santa Cruz and BMC.  Element Cycles new location is very cleanly designed, is filled with great bikes, and has a dedicated professional service area.

    Five things you should know about Element Cycles:

    1. Element Cycles is your one-stop shop for mountain brands like Santa Cruz and Norco.
    2. Element Cycles email address is:
    3. Element Cycles is your Eastside source for BMC Bicycles.
    4. Element Cycles has recently introduced their E-Lab indoor training studio.
    5. Element Cycles helped contribute to an equal cash purse for the Elite Men and Women’s races throughout the MFG season.
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  • Beat the Hodala Rider at Magnuson Park CX

    This week the Single Speed Men 45 Minute racers will be out trying to “Beat the Hodala” rider. All those racers that beat the Hodala rider will be entered into this week’s drawing for a gift certificate to Brouwer’s Cafe.  If the Hodala rider wins the race then he or she gets the gift certificate.  This week Randy Salamon will be flying the Hodala colors. Go get him.

    Here is the scouting report on Randy from

    That's a mean looking crew.

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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Deschutes

    MFG Sponsor:Deschutes


    Twitter:   Deschutes

    Facebook: Deschutes

    What Deschutes does:

    Deschutes Brewery, located in Central Oregon along the banks of the wild and scenic Deschutes River, has brewed a family of handcrafted ales since 1988. Starting out as a small brewpub in the heart of downtown Bend, Deschutes’ first beers were Black Butte Porter, Bachelor Bitter and Cascade Golden Ale.

    Now Deschutes offers seven year-round offerings:

    • Black Butte Porter
    • Mirror Pond Pale Ale
    • Inversion IPA
    • Obsidian Stout
    • Green Lakes Organic Ale
    • Cascade Ale
    • Bachelor ESB

    Why we like Deschutes:

    When you visit Bend, OR., it seems super likely that you’d stop by the brew pub to have a meal and a drink.  If you do, be sure to sample the Ultimate Pub Fries and the House-Baked Pretzel to get things started.    The atmosphere is uniquely Bend at the Public House:  laid back, friendly, with most patrons having a lower heart than yours.

    Deschutes has been extremely generous to MFG and to StarCrossed, and to cyclocross in general.   Even after being a major sponsor and host to a national caliber event like CX Nats in 2009 and in 2010, Deschutes still dedicates time, effort, and money to other cyclocross events on the regional and local level.

    At StarCrossed in 2013, over 18 kegs were drained, and next year Deschutes has a plan to speed up lines and serve even more beer!  At MFG this year, Deschutes generously offered select and random pre-registered riders 6-packs BEFORE they even started racing!

    Deschutes clearly loves cyclocross and has been so supportive of MFG.

    Five things you should know about Deschutes:

    1. Black Butte Porter, Bachelor Bitter, and Cascade Golden Ale were the OG three beers back in 1988.
    2. Red Chair NWPA is a more subtle, less-hoppy pale, which is available seasonally.
    3. Black Butte XXI (Special Reserve) is 11% ABV!
    4. Deschutes Brewery Brewmaster is Larry Sidor
    5. Yes, a black IPA does exist!
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