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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Castelli

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    MFG Sponsor:   Castelli


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    Location: Portland, OR

    Castelli US is a returning MFG sponsor for 2014.   Castelli is providing the Elite Men and Elite Women with leader’s jerseys for the entire MFG season.

    Castelli US uses the finest fabrics and technology to deliver cyclists a great fitting and performing cycling kit.

    Why we like Castelli:

    Castelli continually develops fabric, fit, and aesthetic throughout their entire line, year after year.   Castelli garments fit great, look fantastic, and offer a custom program for teams and clubs.

    Five things you should know about Castelli:

    1. Castelli’s custom program is called Servizio Course and offers an insane amount of options.
    2. Castelli makes the majority of their custom clothing in the Northwest!
    3. In addition to their custom line, Castelli offers stock products that look great and fit nicely.
    4. The Gabba jacket is one of the finest pieces for riding in the Northwest rain.
    5. The local rep Erik S. is a MFG racer and supporter.


  • Sponsor Spotlight: Brouwer’s Cafe

    MFG Sponsor:   Brouwer’s Cafe


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    Location: 400 North 35th Street in Fremont at Phinney Ave

    Brouwer’s Cafe has been a MFG sponsor since the beginning, and has graciously given away Gift Certificates throughout the season.  This season Brouwer’s Cafe is the title sponsor of the Beat the Hodala Rider Competition.

    Brouwer’s Cafe is rich in Belgian decor, food offerings, and of course, beer.   With 300 bottles on hand, nearly 75 beers on draft, and a leather-bound scotch novel, there is a drink worth having for just about anyone at Brouwers.

    What’s more, Brouwer’s is managed by none-other-than Nat P., a regular Hodala! singlespeed tough guy who regularly finds himself creepin’ in the top 10 at all CX SS races.

    Why we like Brouwer’s:

    Really good food, insane beer draft and bottle list, and servers who are willing to make recommendations.   Oh, and clean lines changed on every keg on draft make for QUALITY you won’t find in say, Portland.

    For the 2014 MFG season, present your MFG bib number ANY time at Brouwers, and receive $1 off any drink.

    Five things you should know about Brouwer’s Cafe:

    1. Service staff are intelligent and will make recommendations for drinks.
    2. Belgian passion with Manneken Pis in the front entry!
    3. Multiple frite sauces options including aioli, curry ketchup, and tartar.
    4. Over 60 Scotches available.
    5. The 10-person library room on the top floor.

  • Team Competition Standings After Race 1

    Fisher Plumbing taking advantage of last year’s team victory and the front row call ups pulls off the win at the Lake Sammamish GP.  A close second place with Blue Rooster and Alki-Rubicon rounding off the podium for Race #1. Standings posted here.

  • Results Protest Protocol for 2014 has been revised

    Our results protocol has been updated under GENERAL INFO and reads as follows:

    Results Protest Protocol

    Results will be posted on  There is a good chance you’ll be able to see results from your smart phone at the event or at Customer Service about 30 minutes after your race finishes.    Once results are posted on the venue, protests will only be accepted if:

    1.  They are filed on-site, at Customer Service, using our Protest Form, by 5pm of race day

    2.  You correctly wore your MFG bib number and timing chip during your registered race

    Protests will not be accepted via email at any point.

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  • Lake Sammamish Details

    Cyclocross Racers,

    Here are the details for Lake Sammamish GP this Sunday, September 7th:

    Race Registration:
    Preregistration is closed. Race day registration is available.

    There will be a Express Line for Preregistered Riders to pick up their preassigned bib numbers and timing chips.

    To best understand how to move through the registration line please see this flow chart:

    The Course:
    Lake Sammamish GP Course Map has been posted,

    The course will be a bit different this year due to some construction and other requests from State Parks. The course will be in reverse, the sand section at Tibbits Beach will be shorter and a new sand section at Sunset Beach will be used. At this time of year the sand will be very hard (read rideable) on Sunset Beach.

    Washington State Parks require a Discovery Pass for parking or a $10 Day Parking Fee.

    The Here and There Grill will be on site with a compete menu for breakfast, lunch and sweets.

    Motofish Coffee will be serving cold brew coffee drinks and raspberry lemonade spritzers at no charge!

    Results will be posted at Customer Service and can be found on race day using

    The 9:30 AM and 1:35 PM races will receive “The Treatment” at Lake Sammamish GP. In 2014 we will be rolling out the red carpet for one start time per week for all categories in that start time. We are dubbing this as “The Treatment”. The Treatment will include excellent prizes and podium presentations for the top-3 finishers as well as a celebrated call-up for the top-16 on Season Points and other start line amenities for all riders. All Podium Presentations will be done at the “MFG Truck” at the finish line.

    Cash prizes for Cat 1/2 Men and Women will be award three-deep at all races in the series.

    Social Media:
    The official social media hashtag for MFG Cyclocross 2014 will be #mfgcross. We love to see your experiences at the races so please tag it up.

    Find us at:

    Garmin Hole Shot Competition:
    At all 2014 MFG races, there will be a competition for the fastest time from the FINISH LINE forward to the Garmin Hole Shot sign. A Garmin prize will be awarded to the fastest male and female of the day who upload their file on Garmin Connect. (Strava will not be used for this competition)

    Beat the Hodala Rider:
    Beat the Hodala Rider returns for 2014. This week the Cat 3 35+ Men will be out trying to “Beat the Hodala” rider. The challenge will be to beat the Hodala rider racing this “geared” category on a single speed. All those racers that beat the Hodala rider will be entered into this week’s drawing for a gift certificate to Brouwer’s Cafe.  If the Hodala rider wins the race then he or she gets the gift certificate.  This week Christian Folk will be flying the Hodala colors. Go get him.

    Team Competition:
    The Team Competition is returning for 2014. Rules have been change slightly so that teams can submit their top five placings as opposed to top five placing in unique categories as in the past.  Elect your team captain to submit your results each week and read about the scoring system, The winning team will be invited to decorated a barrier in a theme celebrating their team for next season. Members of the winning 2014 will also get front row call-ups at Race #1 of the 2015 season. Congratulations to Fischer Plumbing Cycling Team for their 2014 win.

    Team Tents:
    This week tent set up is pretty straight forward. Tents will be placed in the middle grass parking strip at Sunset Beach Parking Lot along the east side of the finish stretch. Course map is here,

    1. Please start placing tents about 30 feet from the south end of the paved strip. The porta-potties should be placed at the southend of this area. Start of comfortable distance from there.
    2. Please hold the tent 5′ off the the pavement.
    3. Please butt tents up to each other whenever possible. We have over 50 tents to get into these area.
    4. You will be able to park vehicles directly behind the team tents.
    5. Please load in by 8:30 am.
    6. If you set up outside this area Zac Daab will take your tent down “east coast style”. See Gloucester GP website for description of “east coast style”.

    We look forward to kicking off MFG Cyclocross 2014 with you on Sunday at Lake Sammamish State Park.

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