Time to Show the Greatness of Washington Cyclocross

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When Zac Daab, Dean Burke and I started the pursuit in 2016 of 2019 US Cyclocross Nationals coming to Tacoma, WA our effort was based on one premise:

“Washington is the best cyclocross scene in the country and deserves to host the nationals.”

Now it is time for our cyclocross community to prove that GREATNESS! Here are the four important ways to do this:

  1. Race at the Nationals. There is a race for everyone. Championship or Non-Championship. Register now:
  2. Volunteer to help at the Nationals. We have numerous jobs to fill from December 3rd to 16th. Your effort is crucial. Sign up here:
  3. Spectate at the Nationals but especially on Sunday, December 15th. We want the course lined with fans. Let’s blow away the rest of the country watching the livestream with how many people are at the races on Sunday as we crown our Jr 17-18, U23 & Elite Men & Women Nationals Champions and determine our worlds team.
  4. Bring three non-cyclocross friends to the races on Sunday, December 15th. We have about 2,000 cyclocross racers in the Puget Sound area. You all come plus your three non-cyclocross friends and we have a crowd of 8,000!

Thank you for your support this December. Let’s blow the nation away with how great cyclocross is in this region.

51 Weeks!

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We are 51 weeks away from hosting the 2019 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships in Lakewood, WA at Fort Steilacoom Park. The planning has already started, we have designed and tested some core elements and flow lines to the course, and the excitement level is already simmering. While the bulk responsibility to pull this event off lies with Tacoma Sports Commission and MFG Cyclocross, we will need tremendous support from our local cyclocross community for the nation to fully understand how phenomenal the scene is here in the Pacific Northwest. To that end, here is the call-out for the ways you can support the 2019 US Cyclocross National Championships from December 5th to 17th, 2019 :


  • Volunteer at least one day during the week of setup, racing or tear-down.
  • Race a non-championship and/or championship event during the week. We want to show the nation the strength of our racing participation.
  • Spectate as you can during the week but please come out in big numbers for the championships races on Sunday, December 15th. We need your enthusiasm on course and want massive energy pushing the riders and coming through the live-stream. Bring at least three non-cyclocross racing friends / family to the races on Sunday!
  • If we need to do some fundraising to support course improvements understand the need is real and make a small contribution as you can.



  • Event Coordinator – We are looking for help managing and planning non-racing events during the week.
  • Volunteer Recruiter / Coordinator – We are looking for a person to recruit and allocate volunteers to needed positions leading up to the event. This person will also communicate with volunteers up to their work day. We have a Volunteer Director on board who will work with volunteers at the venue to insure assignments are executed properly.
  • Junior Party Planner – We are looking for an individual to own the Saturday night party for Junior racers.

In-Kind Support:

  • Lumber for two flyover bridges
  • Labor to build two flyover bridges
  • Sand for sandpit
  • Lumber for sandpit sides
  • Loan of high speed copiers
  • Loan of ATV for medical support
  • Loan of Gator with bed or ATV with bed for course setup and maintenance
  • Loan of Jobsite Offices for Staff Office and Live-Stream Production Room
  • Loan of RV for Staff Offices (if above not available)
  • Loan of 20′ x 20′ event tents with sides
  • Loan of Fire Pits (Mike and Bryne Black!)
  • Donation of Fire Wood

Non-Racing Events:

  • Have ideas for non-racing events during the week? Make suggestions.
  • Want to put on a non-racing event let us know.

We have an amazing cyclocross community. All together we can make the 2019 US Cyclocross Championships a special week in our community’s history.