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Sponsor Spotlight: Raleigh

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MFG Sponsor: Raleigh Bicycles


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Location: Kent, WA
We’d like to think that our partnership with Raleigh Bicycles is exactly that:  a partnership. When MFG Cyclocross came onto the Seattle scene in 2009, Raleigh was definitely offering cyclocross bicycles, but perhaps in a different way than what the brand looks like today. Our friend and Raleigh Product Development Guy Brian “Sally” Fornes has transformed the Raleigh brand to a legitimate, internationally-recognized cyclocross powerhouse. Over the last seven years, Raleigh has graciously supported MFG Cyclocross as Title Sponsor, and together we’ve collaborated on creating a venue (MFG) and a product (Raleigh) to grow the sport and the industry of cyclocross.

In seven years, Raleigh has transitioned from being a company offering an aluminum cross bike that was meant for racing, but also as a utility bike, to a company that supports cyclocross on nearly every level, all around the globe. It’s safe to say that Raleigh is the modern day BOSS OF CROSS.

MFG would like say a sincere thanks to Brian and Raleigh Bicycles for supporting our series once again.

Today, Raleigh can boast the following cyclocross accolades:

  • Raleigh has been the Title Sponsor to MFG Cyclocross for the 7th year in a row.  To our knowledge MFG Cyclocross is the 2nd largest cyclocross series in the world, based on average participation.
  • Raleigh hosted the first-of-kind Midsummer Night’s Cyclocross in 2011 where the outcome of a single race lead to three professional contracts.    They again accomplished this feat in 2012 & 2103.
  • In the spring of 2012, Raleigh sponsored the first-ever cyclocross race at Sea Otter, the internationally-recognized, week-long bicycle racing festival.
  • Since 2012, Raleigh Bicycles has partnered with Clement to present the professional team Raleigh/Clement, featuring an international roster of riders including Jamey Driscoll and France’s Caroline Mani.
  • For 2016, Raleigh offers SEVEN cyclocross models in it’s line-up including women specific models.

Why we like Raleigh:

Raleigh is the perfect blend of fun, function, and fast. The Raleigh brand, models, and support for cyclocross is five parts fun, three parts fast, and four parts function.  Between the professional race team, the utilitarian , and the sponsorship of multiple cyclocross races, teams, and events, Raleigh is the real cyclocross deal.

Five things you should know about Raleigh:

1.    Raleigh sponsors the Raleigh/Clement professional cyclocross team.

2.    Raleigh’s cross line-up for 2016 features seven ‘cross options!

3.    Raleigh’s underground cyclocross singlespeed team in Seattle is HODALA!

4.    Raleigh/Clement recently won both days at CXLA this season.

5.    Raleigh USA headquarters are in Kent, WA.

Sponsor Spotlight: Golazo

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MFG Sponsor: Golazo


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Golazo is a performance sports drink company offering a hydration and energy product made from natural ingredients.

Why we like Golazo

In a world of synthetic sports drinks, we like the fact that Golazo keeps it simple with all-natural ingredients.   In fact, if you look at their ingredient list for their energy drink, you’ll see only 10 ingredients, which is about half of what other sports drink companies are formulating in their drinks.

Five things you should know about Golazo:

  1. Golazo offers a sugar-free energy drink in their line-up.
  2. Golazo is a Seattle-based company and co-founder Alex R. is a cycling enthusiast and MFG cyclocross racer.
  3. The hydration drink from Golazo comes in four flavors:  Mango Lime, Mandarin, Hibiscus and Lemon Lime.
  4. Pele, yes Pele, is a part of Team Golazo!
  5. Golazo has been on-site at every MFG race this year, and has generously provided all Treatment winners with Golazo Energy product.

Sponsor Spotlight: Garmin

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MFG Sponsor: Garmin


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What Garmin does:

As a leading worldwide provider of navigation, Garmin manufactures superior products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets that are an essential part of our customers’ lives. For 2016 Garmin has released exciting new product additions to their cycling line-up including the brand new Edge 520 cycling computer, the Vector pedal-based power system, and the proven Virb X and XE HD cameras.

Why we like Garmin:

We love GPS based cycling computers. They are simple to use and the Garmin products have superior durability. With Garmin’s cycling products “miles ridden” is not just a number on a LED screen but a compete adventure that can be reviewed over detailed satellite images and parsed down to the tens of meters to compare yourself to friends and rivals.

Five things you should know about Garmin:

  1. Garmin has been a MFG Cyclocross sponsor for multiple years.
  2. Garmin’s Edge 520 is a favorite among the MFG staff.
  3. Garmin allows device users to track and log all their activities on Garmin Connect.
  4. Garmin offers seven cycling specific GPS units.
  5. Garmin is providing 520 units and a Virb camera for a few lucky Series Winners this season.

Sponsor Spotlight: Clement Tires

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LAS-34-1024x973 Image-7-838x1024 PDX-34-833x1024

MFG Sponsor:   Clement Tires


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Location: Denver, CO

Clement is a returning MFG sponsor thanks in large part to our friend and Clement employee Johs Huseby.   While Clement was a French brand that dates back to 1878 for bicycle tire production, the modern day iteration of Clement is US-based in Colorado.

Clement has chosen an interesting and clever nomenclature for all their tires:  They use airport codes that represent the design mission of the tire.   The PDX is a great mud tire, paying homage to Portland, ORE.   The LAS is a great fast file-tread which pays tribute to Las (Cross) Vegas.

Why we like Clement:

Clement is offering relevant, affordable, and durable cyclocross tires in clincher and tubular formats.

Five things you should know about Clement:

  1. Their tubulars are some of the straightest and most durable tubulars on the market, that still ride nicely.
  2. Their clinchers are vulcanized during production, so you’ll NEVER see a Clement tire tread de-laminate from the casing.
  3. Cascade Bicycle Studio stocks the Clement LAS, PDX, and MXP tires in clincher and tubular.
  4. The LAS file tread is one of the fastest cyclocross tires on the market.
  5. Clement also offers mountain bike and gravel road tires.


Sponsor Spotlight: Element Cycles

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What Element Cycles does

Element Cycles is the 2015 MFG Elite Men and Women’s sponsor.   Each week, leaders will be crowned with leaders jerseys from Castelli, with Element Cycles proudly displayed throughout the jersey.

Element Cycles was formerly Sammamish Valley Cycles and is now nestled in their new location at 8215 160th Ave NE in Redmond.   Element Cycles works with the following bicycle vendors: BMC, Bianchi, Cervelo, Sage Cycles, Santa Cruz, Pinarello, Focus, Moots and Norco. 

Why we like Element Cycles

A quick glance at the new Element Cycles webpage makes it clear that Element is not only dedicated to the high-end road enthusiast market, but also the high end mountain market with brands like Santa Cruz and BMC.  Element Cycles new location is very cleanly designed, is filled with great bikes, and has a dedicated professional service area.

Five things you should know about Element Cycles

  1. Element Cycles is your one-stop shop for mountain brands like Santa Cruz and Norco.
  2. Element Cycles email address is:
  3. Element Cycles is your Eastside source for BMC Bicycles.
  4. Element Cycles has recently introduced their E-Lab indoor training studio.
  5. Element Cycles helped contribute to an equal cash purse for the Elite Men and Women’s races throughout the MFG season.

Sponsor Spotlight: Castelli

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Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

Castelli US is a returning MFG sponsor for 2015.   Castelli is providing the Elite Men and Elite Women with leader’s jerseys for the entire MFG season.

Castelli US uses the finest fabrics and technology to deliver cyclists a great fitting and performing cycling kit.

Why we like Castelli:

Castelli continually develops fabric, fit, and aesthetic throughout their entire line, year after year.   Castelli garments fit great, look fantastic, and offer a custom program for teams and clubs.

Five things you should know about Castelli:

  1. Castelli’s custom program is called Servizio Course and offers an insane amount of options.
  2. Castelli makes the majority of their custom clothing in the Northwest!
  3. In addition to their custom line, Castelli offers stock products that look great and fit nicely.
  4. The Gabba 2 jacket is one of the finest pieces for riding in the Northwest rain.
  5. The local rep Erik S. is a MFG racer and supporter.

MFG Cyclocross announces 2015 dates; StarCrossed goes on hiatus

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Seattle, WA – July 23rd, 2015 – MFG Cyclocross announced the details to their 2015 race schedule today. The six-race cyclocross series is presented by Raleigh Bicycles and celebrates its seventh year, and begins on September 13th and will conclude on November 22nd at the 7th Annual Woodland Park Gran Prix. Season Passes for the series are now available on Read More

Race Day Checklist

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Final Nine2Five Details Released

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We are very excited to offer the second annual Nine2Five on Sunday, July 26th. This eight hour mountain bike race for solo, 2-person, 3-person and 4-person teams will be raced at a new venue, 306 Trails in Gig Harbor, WA. For 2015 we will be offering camping Saturday night onsite and dinner to all riders and teams finishing in the top three following award ceremonies. Read More