Sponsor Spotlight: The Athletic

By Sunday, November 5, 2017 Uncategorized


MFG Sponsor: The Athletic

Website: www.theathleticcommunity.com

Instagram: @theathletic

What The Athletic does:

  • The Athletic is a local Portland company founded by Jeremy Dunn and Julie Krasniak.  The Athletic pioneered the modern cycling sock craze with the introduction of their PDX Carpet sock in 2013.
  • In addition to a retail space, a web store, and a cyclocross racing team, The Athletic also hosts a podcast under the name Transmissions with guests inside and outside the cycling world.
  • Cycling kit design has always been a strength and a priority at The Athletic.   You can see their latest kit design here.

Why we like The Athletic:

If you ever get the chance to drive over to the sleepy village known as Portland, it’s absolutely worth taking a stop at The Athletic.   Their space is ultra cozy and merchandised nicely with lots of stock on hand.  One of the things we like most about how the store has been curated centers around the publications on hand, as well as the obvious fondness for sports other than cycling.

Five things you should know about The Athletic:

  1. Garrett Chow is The Athletic’s design director.  You might remember him from this project.
  2. The newest wool sock collection in dusty teal is proving to be the most attractive yet.
  3. Jeremy knows East Coast cyclocross 
  4. Julie knows professional European cyclocross
  5. Yes, Jeremy and Julie are Cycling’s Coolest Couple.