Woodland Park Rehabilitation

Thanks to all of you for coming out to the 5th Annual Woodland Park GP last Sunday.  A special thanks to the volunteers who came out on Monday and helped put the course back on track for healing.   We’ve been asked by the Parks Department to spread the request that all riders do their best to stay off the course from last weekend, and refrain from riding the same lines.   We did a lot of work to knock down ruts and manage water flow on steep portions of the course.   Please do your best to practice restraint, and NOT RIDE THE COURSE for the remainder of the year.

We say this every year, and we’ll say it again:  We don’t obviously own this public space, and you can choose to do whatever you feel like in the city park.   However, if you enjoyed the day at Woodland last Sunday and hope to see it in the future, we ask that you refrain from riding the race course.

Thanks again for coming out and making the Woodland Park GP the largest cycling race in Washington State history.


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