Woodland Park GP Details

We look forward to seeing you at MFG #6 – Woodland Park GP. It has been a fantastic season. Thank you for your support of the series. Here are a few notes to make your day excellent. A course map can be viewed here.

  1. If you are a Season Pass Holder or if you have Pre-Registered, you do not need to check in. Please wear your bib and chip and head to the start. If you need to change categories, or you need a new chip/bib, please visit registration.
  2. You can check real-time scoring of the event on your smart phone at Turboreg.net. Please note these are only PRELIMINARY results, and won’t be corrected on this site. It’s simply a means to see how results are flowing that day.
  3. Garmin Hot Spot Challenge continues this week with two Hot Spots sections: 1) The climb on the gravel path on the west side of the course 2) from the exit of the pavement onto the grass descending past the Tennnis Courts.
  4. Beat the Hodala challenge continues with the rider to beat being Craig Ethridge in the Cat 1-2 Men’s race. All riders who beat Craig will be registered to win a gift certificate to Brouwers Café.
  5. Lost and Found items can be located at Customer Service
  6. The Here and There Grill, Motofish Espresso, and Yeah Cookie will all be on-site at the race on Sunday.
  7. Team Competition continues this week with a fierce battle between Fischer Plumbing and SCCA/Starbucks. If you’d like to submit your team results, please see MFGcyclocross.com for submission guidelines.
  8. A big thanks to Alki/Rubicon Cycling Team for all the volunteer help at Sunday’s race.
  9. Prizes will be award 3-deep for all categories.
  10. The will be an After Party at Brouwer’s Café starting at 5:00 pm. Brouwer’s is located at 400 North 35th Street in Fremont. Full details.
  11. Jason Williams Fundraiser – At the Start Line of each race today we will be passing the “collection basket” through the field to gather donations to help support Jason Williams who was struck by a car two weeks ago and under went extension surgery on his shoulder. If you do not know Jason Williams he is a fixture in the NW cycling scene whether it be as a talented single speed CX racer, rando rider, team leader, event promoter, service tech at Cascade Bicycle Studio or super positive dude supporting anyone who loves cycling. Jason is a three time MFG Cyclocross Single Speed Series Champion. Must importantly he is our friend and a friend to many that race between the course tape week in and week out. We want gather financial support at the race for Jason to aid his recovery over the next 8-12 weeks while he is way from his work. It would be fantastic if every rider today could donate $5 – $20 but anything is appreciated and would go to good use. If you can contribute, thank you. We will also have a collection basket and Custom Service to support Jason.
  12. Details for Team Tents is as follows
  • Tents will be placed in the triangle grass are east of the gravel parking lot off of NE 50th Street, see course map here.
  • We can have no tents in the grass north of this parking lot along the descent from Hodala Corner. These will be removed right quick.
  • Please start the first row of tents at the north along the log barriers at the pavement tight to the barriers at the east. Start the second row with a 10′ gap back for walking, and third the same way.
  • There will be no parking or tents on the drive loop around the picnic area as the course now uses that pavement.
  • Spots for Teams with trailer have been preassigned. If you have not been assigned a spot do not bring a trailer.
  • Setting up tents and trailers in the gravel parking lot off of NE 50th Street will not be allowed.


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