Sponsor Spotlight: Stanley PMI

MFG Sponsor: Stanley PMI

Website: www.stanley-pmi.com

Twitter: @Stanley_PMI

Facebook: www.facebook.com/stanleybottle

What Stanley PMI does:

Stanley, A Brand of PMI, (not to be confused with the makers of tools) is an industry leader in superior food and beverage gear that fuels outdoor work and play.  Stanley has been in business since 1913 and pioneered the insulated vacuum bottle for use in WWII on B-17 bomber flights.

Why we like Stanley:

The Stanley Vacuum Bottle in Hammertone Green is an iconic “best in class” piece that is functional, affordable, and extremely durable.   In a world of knock-offs and carbon copies, we like Stanley for their authenticity and functionality.

Five things you should know about Stanley:

  1. Stanley has been an MFG Sponsor for all five seasons of MFG thus far.
  2. Stanley’s Vacuum Bottle in Hammertone Green is a mere $35.
  3. Stanley has a line of recycled plastic products called eCycle.
  4. All MFG Series Winners will receive a custom Stanley Vacuum Mug
  5. Stanley provided background props for this viral video



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