Sponsor Spotlight: Lazer Optics

MFG Sponsor:   Lazer Optics

Website:  www.lazersport.com

Twitter:  @lazerhelmets

What Lazer Optics does:

Lazer Optics is the newest line of the Lazer Sport family.   The optic line includes six profiles for maximum fit, function, and style.   Magneto technology allows for the Magneto product to integrate via magnet directly to a Lazer Helmet.

Why we like Lazer Optics:

Lazer Optics, like their helmet line, clearly focuses on fit of the product first and foremost.   Additionally the intelligent design utilizing magnets to mate eyewear with helmet is genius!

Five things you should know about Lazer Optics:

  1. The six models available from Lazer Optics include:  Magneto, Solid State, Argon, Electron, Xenon, and Quantum.
  2. The Electron EC1 comes in a very fresh Gloss Green colorway.
  3. Ultragrip nosepieces and temples keep the eyewear in place no matter what conditions Mother Nature stirs up.
  4. The Argon is one of the wider profiles in the line, and sits approximately 144mm wide.
  5. The Quantum is Lazer Optic’s street wear glass.


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