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MFG Sponsor:   Full Speed Ahead

Website: www.fullspeedahead.com

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Full Speed ahead is a manufacturer of bicycle components made from aluminum and carbon for road, mountain, BMX, time trial, cyclocross, and triathlon use.   FSA is very well known for their K-Force road line of components which includes numerous innovations such as:

  • A hollow monocoque composite crank arm found on the K-Force Light Mega Exo crankset
  • The seemingly here-to-stay standard of the compact handlebar with a 75 reach dimension and a 125mm drop dimension
  • A complete line of components and accessories for the BB30, BBRight, and BB386 Evo bottom bracket standards.

Why we like Full Speed Ahead

We have all been there before:   You get to the race, you unload the car, and you’ve forgotten your shoes, your front wheel, your pedals, etc.   We are so fortunate this year to have  Neutral Support provided by Brys and his team from Full Speed Ahead at every MFG race.

In addition to full maintenance and service support, Full Speed Ahead is also providing neutral wheel support for races to have a set of wheels in the pit during their race.   So, in theory, Full Speed Ahead will trouble shoot that “creak” you’ve been chasing all week, adjust your brakes for the mud that ensues, and loan you a pair of wheels so you don’t have an excuse to drop out of the race!   Who else does this for you?   Oh, and did we mention, they’ll serve you complimentary coffee at all the races?   There is a lot to love about Full Speed Ahead….

Five things you should know about Full Speed Ahead:

  1. Full Speed Ahead was an early adopter, if not the innovator, of many component standards:  The compact gearing ratio, ISIS bottom bracket standard, BB30, the compact bar 75/125 standard.
  2. Full Speed Ahead offers a full line of cyclocross components in the SLK group:  brakes, crank, post, bar, stem, chain, and saddle.
  3. Full Speed Ahead has supported MFG Cyclocross from the beginning in 2009.
  4. YOU CAN BORROW NEUTRAL WHEELS FOR THE PIT at EVERY MFG race from FSA; You just have to return them!
  5. They are locally based in Mukilteo, WA.


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