Sponsor Spotlight: Deschutes Brewery

MFG Sponsor: Deschutes

Website: www.deschutesbrewery.com

Twitter:   Deschutes

Facebook: Deschutes

What Deschutes does:

Deschutes Brewery, located in Central Oregon along the banks of the wild and scenic Deschutes River, has brewed a family of handcrafted ales since 1988. Starting out as a small brewpub in the heart of downtown Bend, Deschutes’ first beers were Black Butte Porter, Bachelor Bitter and Cascade Golden Ale.

Now Deschutes offers six year-round offerings:

  • Black Butte Porter
  • Mirror Pond Pale Ale
  • Inversion IPA
  • Obsidian Stout
  • Green Lakes Organic Ale
  • Chainbreaker White IPA

Why we like Deschutes:

  1. First off, their amazing support of the Beer Garden at StarCrossed last month. Deschutes provides the support from top to bottom: cups, beer, serving equipment and technical staff.
  2. When you visit Bend, OR., it seems super likely that you’d stop by the brew pub to have a meal and a drink.  If you stop by for the Cross Crusade finals in Bend in December, be sure to sample the Ultimate Pub Fries and the House-Baked Pretzel to get things started.    The atmosphere is uniquely Bend at the Public House:  laid back, friendly, with most patrons having a lower heart than yours.
  3. Deschutes has been extremely generous to MFG and to StarCrossed, and to cyclocross in general.   Even after being a major sponsor and host to a national caliber event like CX Nats in 2009 and in 2010, Deschutes still dedicates time, effort, and money to other cyclocross events on the national, regional and local level.
  4. Deschutes clearly loves cyclocross and has been so supportive of MFG.



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