Sponsor Spotlight: Castelli

MFG Sponsor: Castelli

Website: castelli-cycling.com

Twitter: @castellicycling

Facebook: www.facebook.com/castellicycling

What Castelli does:

Since 1974, Castelli has been creating a series of firsts in the cycling clothing industry: the first Lycra shorts used in racing and sold to the public, the first colored shorts, the first sublimation printed jerseys, the first synthetic winter clothing, the first use of windproof membranes, the first hydrophilic fabric treatments, the first anatomic seatpad, the lightest jersey ever produced, and the most aerodynamic jersey ever produced.

Why we like Castelli:

Castelli clothing is the official supplier of MFG CYCLOCROSS Leader Clothing.

Five things you should know about Castelli:

  1. Maurizio Castelli founded the company in 1974 after a professional racing career.
  2. Castelli’s Gabba WS Long Sleeve Jersey is both waterproof and breathable.
  3. Castelli is a great source for custom team clothing.
  4. Castelli gives their full attention to  complete line of clothing for both men and women.
  5. The new mystery formation on the MFG scene this year, Native, is sporting the Castelli CX Lycra Speedsuit 3/4 Sleeves. 



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