Important Notes for MFG #4 at Magnuson Park

We look forward to seeing you at MFG #4 at Magnuson Park.   Here are a few notes to make your day at Magnuson Park excellent.   A course map can be viewed here:

  1. Please stay off the grass on Kite Hill.   This is the grassy knoll adjacent to the team parking lot labeled E4.   Please do not cut through this section as a way to get to the start line.
  2. If you are a Season Pass Holder or if you have Pre-Registered, you do not need to check in.    Please wear your bib and chip and head to the start.   If you need to change categories, or you need a new chip/bib, please visit registration.
  3. You can check real-time scoring of the event on your smart phone at  Please note these are only PRELIMINARY results, and won’t be corrected on this site.  It’s simply a means to see how results are flowing that day.
  4. Garmin Hot Spot Challenge continues this week with two Hot Spots sections:   1) Off the track all the way to the finish 2) through the barriers near the lake
  5. Beat the Hodala challenge continues with the rider to beat being Brian Meyers in the Cat ½ Master 35+ race.   All riders who beat Brian will be registered to win a gift certificate to Brouwers Café.
  6. Lost and Found items can be located at Customer Service
  7. The Here and There Grill, Motofish Espresso, and Yeah Cookie will all be on-site at the race on Sunday.
  8. Team Competition continues this week with a fierce battle between Fischer Plumbing and SCCA/Starbucks.  If you’d like to submit your team results, please see for submission guidelines.
  9. A big thanks for Fischer Plumbing Cycling Team for all the volunteer help at Sunday’s race.
  10. Beer Winners for this week can pick up their beer at Customer Service:

John Alving

Denny Bartlett

Brian Boram

Melissa Eamer

Russell Edwards

Mike Hanney

Carisa Kimble

Dave Kimble

Chuck Kralovich

Jeff Lynch

Elizabeth Mullaly

Steve Novosel

Justin Pearson

Tom Platt

Mark Roughgarden

Robin Sarner

Jeff Skov

Matt Soja

Tom Stoltz

Geraldine Vander Haegen

11. Details for Team Tents is as follows:

  • Tents must be loaded in by 8:00 am.
  • Tents will be placed on the west and east side of Lake Shore Drive running North from Course Crossing #4 (X4 on Course Map). We need a walking path left down the middle. Tents one deep on each side.
  • No trailers or cars in line with tents this week. Team cars and trailers can be parked at the back of Parking Lot E4 at the end of Lake Shore Drive. The front half this lot will be used for the Vendor Expo. Cars will not be able to leave this lot until the final race is finished.
  • Tents will not be allowed in any other area.



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