Details for this Sunday at Thornton A. Sullivan Park on Silver Lake in Everett

We look forward to seeing you at MFG #3 this weekend in Everett at Thornton A. Sullivan Park on Silver Lake.

Here are a few details to remember:

1. Parking will be tight. Your best bet for parking is:
a. At the main lot off of Silver Lake Road, just south of 112th Street SE
b. At the gravel lot to the north of 112th Street SE
c. At the Park & Ride station located BETWEEN I5 North and I5 South off of 112th Street SE

2. You do not need to check in if you have pre-registered, or if you have a Season Pass. If you were missed in the results last week, it’s highly recommended that you check with registration to make sure your chip number is connected to your registered name.

3. Beat the Hodala Rider Competition this week is in the Women’s Cat 3 field with JoAnne Anderson being the rider to beat. All riders who beat JoAnne will be entered to win a Gift Certificate from Brouwer’s Café.

4. Garmin Hot Spot Competition will take place at Silver Lake. Watch out for the Garmin Hot Spot Banners on the course, and upload your data to Strava to compete.

5. The Team Competition continues this week at MFG #3. Currently SCCA/Starbucks and Fischer Plumbing Cycling Team are tied for 1st; Alki Rubicon and Mafia Racing are tied for 3rd; Bikesport and MotoFish are tied for 5th. If you’d like to participate in the Team Competition, please visit for details on submitting results.

6. The Here and There Grill and Yeah Cookie will be on-site this week serving food and cookies. Get some!

7. Very important notes for Team Tents. Please follow these guidelines:

1. Follow this course map, and ONLY place tents where indicated:
2. Enter gate at top of course off of Silver Lake Road to drive down to Team Tent Area near the finish line.
3. Tents will be placed in the paved area at the end of the Start / Finish straight in a U shape as shown on the course map.
4. Tents will be placed in the sand volleyball court along the Start / Finish straight. Please make three rows with a wide walking aisle between the rows.
5. Please drop your tents and drive out to parking. You can make a counterclockwise loop on the pavement back up to the gate. Come back to set up. Space is limited so please move on.
6. No cars, trailer, truck etc this week. Space is to limited.
7. Again space is limited. We request you only set up two tents per team this week.
8. All tents must be loaded in by 8:15 am. Gate will be locked after that time.
9. Please do not take a short cut and set up a tent in the parking lot. Parking is very limited.


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