The Garmin Hot Spot Challenge

We are pleased to confirm Garmin as a new MFG Sponsor for 2013. At each race this year, Garmin will be on site demoing their Edge 500 computers. Additionally, there will be two Garmin Hot Spots on the course.  These sections will be approximately 100-200 meters or so.  You can either use your own GPS device (phone, Garmin, etc) or use a demo Garmin 500 to record your race, upload the data to Strava* and then see how you stack up against other riders for that day.

*we will be using a new tracking system for the Hot Spots later in the season; stay-tuned.

In summary:

1.  Demo a Garmin, or bring your own

2.  Turn it on during your race

3.  Upload your race to Strava.   We will have already ridden the Hot Spot and it will automatically appear as a segment

4.  Winner for each Hot Spot will win Garmin Gear, which can be picked up at Customer Service.



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