Team Tent Area at Kick-Off Cross

For this week we will be placing team tents in the following areas:

1. Outside the fence on the third base line of the baseball field on the right side of the Start Line,
2. Inside the fence on the first base line of the baseball field on the left side of the Start Line,
3. Teams with trailers or vehicles that “must” have them adjacent to their tent will be placed in the parking spots in the middle parking lot below the pit area. Please stay to the playground side of the lot and do not extend your encampment past the parking stall markings. You must be set up in this area by 8:00 am. These spots are limited.

The course map is posted here.

Please follow these set up requirements:

1. Place the tents at the baseball fields back tight to the chain-link fencing,
2 Place tents tight pole to pole within teams and team-to-team,
3. In the parking lot please place tents back tight to the curb.

When you arrive on site you will be greeted by Chuck Kollin and Dave Rosman. They will direct you to the team tent area.

And remember if your tent is outside the Team Area, Zac will take it down “east coast style”.

Looking forward to Sunday.


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