Details on Raleigh Bike Demo Program

Raleigh, the title sponsor, of the MFG series has generously offered up a fleet of the latest and greatest cyclocross bikes to test out in real-world conditions.¬†Recycled Cycles Racing will be hosting the Raleigh demo bikes at this weekend’s MFG Lake Sammamish GP as well as every other MFG race this season.

Stop by the Recycled Cycles Racing tent located in the Team Tent Area to check out the latest from Raleigh and sign up for a demo.

How it works:

  • Sign up is day of only, no advanced registration at this time.
  • The process will be managed like the ski/snowboard demo tent at Whistler–show up, select what’s available, swap pedals, ride!
  • We’ll have a list going for time slots, but we can’t guarantee that you’ll get a bike, so please bring something to race with in case the bikes are all booked. We won’t be responsible for you missing your race.
  • Demos will be limited to the duration of your race and there may be a hot handoff between you and the previous demo. Please respect your fellow racers who want to demo bikes.
  • You need to leave valid photo ID in order to demo a bike, no exceptions.


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