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  • Changing Plans for October 6th Race

    We are currently working on a change of plans for our upcoming race on October 6th. It is unfortunate but the course at Bellingham BMX will not be able to accommodate a double race weekend due to the heavy rains over the past week and ongoing into this week. The track that has been cut is currently not “seasoned” enough to take the rain and over 1500 racers in two day. We hope for the best success of this venue into the future and a double weekend would not be prudent at this time in the development of the course. Cascade Cross will still be holding their race at the venue on Saturday, October 5th.

    We will announce plans for MFG Cyclocross #3 by 7:00 pm on Tuesday, October 1st. Thank you for your patience and tremendous support our the series.

    • Posted September 30, 2013 by Terry B
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  • Lake Sammamish GP Results Posted

    Results are now posted for the Lake Sammamish GP. All requests for a review of a result must be submitted by 10/1/13 at Noon following this Protocol. Thanks for coming out yesterday. Record turn-out for the Lake Sammamish venue.

    • Posted September 30, 2013 by Terry B
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  • Details for MFG #2: Lake Sammamish State Park Sunday 9/29

    Hi Folks,

    We look forward to seeing all of you this Sunday at Lake Sammamish State Park. Here are a few reminders heading into the weekend:

    1. Parking at all State Parks, including Lake Sammamish is $10/day. If you have an annual Discovery Pass, please bring it with you and you will park for free. You can also buy an annual pass at the gate.

    2. Motofish Espresso, Yeah Cookie, and The Here and There Grill will all be onsite, all day.

    3. VERY IMPORTANT: Pre-reg and Season Passholders:  YOU DO NOT NEED TO COME TO REGISTRATION IF YOU HAVE A CHIP AND A BIB NUMBER, simply show up at the start.

    4. If this is your first MFG race of the year, or you need a chip/bib, please come to registration.

    5. If you were issued a SCX chip, you can use that at the race on Sunday, (both series are sharing the same chip) but will still need a MFG BIB number.

    6. If you are doing two races during the day, you only need ONE bib and ONE chip for the entire series.

    7. Beer winners for the week can pick up their bounty at Customer Service. Winners this week are:

    Aaron Adelstein
    Andrew Alexander
    John Alving
    Jason Bavuso
    Randy Bott
    Rodney Brandon
    Vern Cole
    Woody Cox
    David Gudgel
    Justin Harman
    Jon Houk
    Kurt Litsinger
    David Matthews
    Rebecca Nelson
    Matthew Paul
    Rob Piper
    JC Ramirez
    Jeff Rasor
    Christine Soja
    Chad Sullivan
    Dee Templeton
    Bill Thordarson
    bryan Torian
    Bryan Urakawa

    8. This week tent set up is pretty straight forward. Tents will be placed in the grass parking strip along the East side of the finish stretch.

    *Please start at the North (the end away from the Finish Line) and work South (moving towards the finish line).

    *At StarCrossed we had some tent damaged when riders went off the course. Let’s hold the tents back five feet from the edge of the pavement this week.

    *We are also going to follow the Fire Marshall’s instructions from StarCrossed the rest of the season and put a 10′ fire break in after every seven tents. If you count six tents and you have more then one put the break in there.

    *If we run out of room along the finish stretch please start a second row behind to the East again moving from the North to the South.

    *Please load in by 8:30 am.

    9. The Garmin Hot Spot Competition is posted on the course map on (Start to Pits; Beach Segment)

    10. Beat the Hodala Rider this week is Nat Pellman in the Cat 3, 35+ race. All riders who beat Nat will be entered into a drawing to Brouwers Cafe.

    11. If you’d like to participate in the Team Competition, please nominate a team member to submit your results per Team Comp guidelines on

    See you Sunday!

    Zac, Terry, Ken, Rich

    • Posted September 27, 2013 by Zac
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  • Details on Raleigh Bike Demo Program

    Raleigh, the title sponsor, of the MFG series has generously offered up a fleet of the latest and greatest cyclocross bikes to test out in real-world conditions.¬†Recycled Cycles Racing will be hosting the Raleigh demo bikes at this weekend’s MFG Lake Sammamish GP as well as every other MFG race this season.

    Stop by the Recycled Cycles Racing tent located in the Team Tent Area to check out the latest from Raleigh and sign up for a demo.

    How it works:

    • Sign up is day of only, no advanced registration at this time.
    • The process will be managed like the ski/snowboard demo tent at Whistler–show up, select what’s available, swap pedals, ride!
    • We’ll have a list going for time slots, but we can’t guarantee that you’ll get a bike, so please bring something to race with in case the bikes are all booked. We won’t be responsible for you missing your race.
    • Demos will be limited to the duration of your race and there may be a hot handoff between you and the previous demo. Please respect your fellow racers who want to demo bikes.
    • You need to leave valid photo ID in order to demo a bike, no exceptions.
    • Posted September 27, 2013 by Terry B
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  • WYSR Two Days In Bellingham – Post #4 – Use What You Learn Saturday on Sunday

    We have all felt it and said it, “I had the course dialed in by two laps to go and I couldn’t take advantage of it enough at that point”. So there is the beauty of double weekend of racing on the same course, “use what you learned on Saturday on Sunday.” Come race on Saturday and have the course dialed when you roll to the start line on Sunday. (small disclaimer – we may make small changes to the course between the two days)

    This doesn’t need to happen on Day Two


    • Posted September 26, 2013 by Terry B
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