Nat P of Brouwer’s Invites You To…..

The Kick-Off Party on September 3rd:

We are excited to host the kick off party for yet another year, on Tuesday, September 3rd.   We will also be hosting the Woodland Park After Party on November 10th. As with past years we there will be a buffet, that starts at right around 7:00 pm and goes till the food is gone, which can be a short lived event depending on how many folks are here.   We set aside space upstairs for the group, there is also an opportunity to pick up your MFG number and chip at the event on the 3rd.  We will be offering two beers from Schooner  Exact upstairs, an IPA and a Golden Ale for $4 a pint.  Of course you can order from the full list if you are more interested in our extensive taplist.

There are a few photographers that have taken pictures over the years of the MFG events and we thought it was time to do a photo tribute to MFG, cause lets be honest who doesn’t like look at muddy photos from over the years.  Gives us a chance to share stories and heckle one another all over again.  At this event we will be showcasing photos take by different photographers over the years.  We might even be selling some of the photos, but we are still working on the details.

“Beat the Hodala Racer” Challenge

Now for the important part of my note! We are proud to announce a new race day contest for a gift certificate to Brouwer’s Café at each race.  Each week we will pick a Hodala rider to race in a named geared category on a Single Speed. The challenge will be to beat the Hodala rider in the category named.  All those racers that beat the Hodala rider will be entered into that week’s drawing for a gift certificate to Brouwer’s.  If the Hodala rider wins the race then he or she gets the gift certificate.  We are dubbing this challenge “Beat the Hodala Racer?”  We will try to get one of our racers in each category throughout the season, so that each category is given their chance to get a gift certificate.

See Ya,

Nat P
Brouwer’s Cafe

That's a mean looking crew.


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