Sponsor Spotlight: Rapha

MFG Sponsor: Rapha

Website:  www.rapha.cc

Facebook: Rapha

Twitter:  Rapha

What Rapha does:

Rapha is a British company selling performance roadwear.   A quick glance at Rapha’s website will tell you that they are in a class of their own.  Rapha is just as interested in talking about their clothing as they are creating film for you to become inspired to ride the bike.

Recently, Rapha has partnered with Focus Bikes to host one of the most powerful cyclocross teams in the world:  Team Rapha Focus, including current US CX National Champions Jeremy Powers and U23 National Champion Zach McDonald.

Why we like Rapha:

Rapha takes time to incorporate function AND form in all the garments they offer.   Rapha exercises caution with fad, and is quick to be quiet.    Rapha as a brand is larger than just a product; Rapha is an experience.

Five things you should know about Rapha:

  1. The company sponsors the cyclocross team Rapha Focus.
  2. Rapha is the proprietor of the Gentleman’s Race, both East and West.
  3. The four-season Wind Jacket should be considered an investment not a purchase. It will pay off.
  4. Rapha went to film school.
  5. Their Silk Scarf will keep your throat warm or your brow dry.


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