Sponsor Spotlight: Mavic

MFG Sponsor:   Mavic

Website:  www.mavic.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/mavic

Mavic, French manufacturer of bike systems and rider’s equipment came into being in 1889. Today, with over one hundred years of experience, Mavic continues to stride forward into the future. More than 300 staff help the famous yellow brand to progress – with a real passion for the sport of cycling. Mavic manufactures a wide range of equipment including rims, wheels, pedals, computers, footwear and apparel for road, cyclocross, track and mountain bike.

Why we like Mavic

Their products simply perform. The wheels are true and strong. The rims build beautiful wheels. Their shoes are yellow.

Five things you should know about Mavic:

  1. Their full line of wheels and shoes are available at MFG Sponsor, Cascade Bicycle Studio.
  2. They are along time supporter of MFG partner, Rad Racing NW.
  3. Mavic shoes are the choice of former US National Cyclocross Champion, Tim Johnson.
  4. They have been supporting US racing for decades with their Neutral Support program.
  5. They have provided MFG with wheels, shoes and helmets for our Series Champions prize list.


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