Sponsor Spotlight: Mad Fiber

MFG Sponsor:   Mad Fiber

Website:  www.madfiber.com

Twitter:  @madfiber

What Mad Fiber does:

Mad Fiber exclusively builds carbon fiber wheelsets in Seattle, WA.   Mad Fiber is headed by industry leader Ric Hjertberg, whose passion for wheels began at the legendary Wheelsmith in Palo Alto, and continued on at Full Speed Ahead.

Why we like Mad Fiber:

We like Mad Fiber because of their commitment to continual improvement.   One visit to the Mad Fiber headquarters in Seattle will quickly exemplify how their one product, a high-performance carbon fiber wheelset, has been iterated many, many times.   It’s clear that Mad Fiber continues improve their lone product month after month.

Five things you should know about Mad Fiber:

  1. Mad Fiber is located in Seattle’s Wallingford Neighborhood.
  2. Mad Fiber wheels now are available in a clincher format.
  3. Mad Fiber tubular wheels weigh 1085 grams.
  4. Mad Fiber clincher wheels weigh 1300 grams.
  5. Mad Fiber offers a 4 year warranty on all their wheels, and has no rider weight limit.  


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