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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Crank Brothers

    MFG Sponsor:   Crank Brothers


    Twitter:  @crankbrothers

    What Crank Brothers does:

    Crank Brothers designs and manufacturers the finest line of bicycle components and accessories for competition and recreation alike.   The Crank Brothers line includes pedals, wheels, saddles, tools, stems, seatposts, handlebars, headsets, and hydration packs.

    Why we like Crank Brothers:

    Crank Brothers, from the start, has been concerned with the aesthetic of product.    This is apparent on all visual and print media, including product packaging.   What’s more, their products are durable, sensible, and elegant.

    Five things you should know about Crank Brothers:

    1. Crank Brothers recently came out with a hydration pack for all mountain riding called the Descender
    2. The Crank Brothers line of pedals includes the iconic Egg Beater, the Candy, 50/50, and the Mallet.
    3. The line-up of Crank Brothers pedals begins with the entry level “1” series, and goes up the line to 2, 3, and in the case of Egg Beater, the “11“.
    4. The Crank Brothers Cronolog is the newest dropper seatpost option, offering 125mm of infinte, mechanical adjustment.
    5. Crank Brothers smartly uses brass as the material for their Premium Cleat.

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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Fizik

    MFG Sponsor:   Fizik


    Twitter:  @fizikofficial

    What Fizik does:

    fi’zi:k is a racing brand. It represents beauty, speed, passion, freedom for enthusiast cyclists who identify with the feeling of the fire of competition.

    Why we like Fizik:

    When the iconic Fizik Arione saddle came out circa 2003, we admittedly thought it looked very odd.  This was at a time when the Flite and Flite SLR were the hot saddle shapes.    Then, we rode the Arione.  And we rode it again.  And again.   Now, it’s the most used saddle among MFG staff.   We love that Fizik offers 3 distinct shapes for riders with differing spine flexibilities.   We love the aesthetic of the Fizik footwear line.   We are firm believers of the Fizik Cyrano seatpost.

    Five things you should know about Fizik:

    1. Fizik’s main saddle shapes for the road are Arione, Aliante, and Antares.
    2. The Fizik Kurve line of saddles uses the three above-mentioned shapes, and tensions the saddle with tunable nose pieces for a customized ride feel.
    3. The Fizik Cyrano seatpost is a highly adjustable seat post with independent fore/aft and tilt adjustment.
    4. Participating Fizik retailers like Cascade Bicycle Studio offer Test Saddles from Fizik.
    5. The Fizik carbon rail has a dimension of 7mm by 9mm.

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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Mad Fiber

    MFG Sponsor:   Mad Fiber


    Twitter:  @madfiber

    What Mad Fiber does:

    Mad Fiber exclusively builds carbon fiber wheelsets in Seattle, WA.   Mad Fiber is headed by industry leader Ric Hjertberg, whose passion for wheels began at the legendary Wheelsmith in Palo Alto, and continued on at Full Speed Ahead.

    Why we like Mad Fiber:

    We like Mad Fiber because of their commitment to continual improvement.   One visit to the Mad Fiber headquarters in Seattle will quickly exemplify how their one product, a high-performance carbon fiber wheelset, has been iterated many, many times.   It’s clear that Mad Fiber continues improve their lone product month after month.

    Five things you should know about Mad Fiber:

    1. Mad Fiber is located in Seattle’s Wallingford Neighborhood.
    2. Mad Fiber wheels now are available in a clincher format.
    3. Mad Fiber tubular wheels weigh 1085 grams.
    4. Mad Fiber clincher wheels weigh 1300 grams.
    5. Mad Fiber offers a 4 year warranty on all their wheels, and has no rider weight limit.  

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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Mavic

    MFG Sponsor:   Mavic



    Mavic, French manufacturer of bike systems and rider’s equipment came into being in 1889. Today, with over one hundred years of experience, Mavic continues to stride forward into the future. More than 300 staff help the famous yellow brand to progress – with a real passion for the sport of cycling. Mavic manufactures a wide range of equipment including rims, wheels, pedals, computers, footwear and apparel for road, cyclocross, track and mountain bike.

    Why we like Mavic

    Their products simply perform. The wheels are true and strong. The rims build beautiful wheels. Their shoes are yellow.

    Five things you should know about Mavic:

    1. Their full line of wheels and shoes are available at MFG Sponsor, Cascade Bicycle Studio.
    2. They are along time supporter of MFG partner, Rad Racing NW.
    3. Mavic shoes are the choice of former US National Cyclocross Champion, Tim Johnson.
    4. They have been supporting US racing for decades with their Neutral Support program.
    5. They have provided MFG with wheels, shoes and helmets for our Series Champions prize list.

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  • Final Team Standing

    The final Team Competition standings are now posted. Congratulations to JL Velo on their victory.

    The Team Podium
    1. JL Velo
    2. Blue Rooster
    3. Revel / Rad Racing NW

    We look forward to building a tradition around this competition over the coming years.

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