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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Beyond Clothing

    MFG Sponsor:  Beyond Clothing



    What Beyond Clothing does:

    Beyond began as a product of necessity. In 1996, Scott Jones,  founder, created a fleece jacket for climbing and skiing in the Cascades of Oregon and Washington. Creating these perfect pieces, that suited his absolute needs for each activity, morphed into a business that became high end, custom made clothing by Beyond. No one had created absolutely custom made, high end, outdoor clothing before. The designs, and production technology had to be invented from scratch.

    Why we like Beyond:

    1. They have supported MFG Cyclocross from the beginning with tremendous generosity.
    2. They are passionate about their products and process.
    3. They are a MARRIED COUPLE!!!!!
    4. Check out the new Baker Jacket!  Waterproof, primaloft, hood…oh my.
    5. They actually make custom, high-performance outerwear  in Washington!


    Five things you should know about Beyond:

    1. They provide customers perfect fitting base layers, jacket and pants in variety of outdoor ready fabrics.
    2. They guarantee the workmanship for the life of the garment.
    3. All garments are made in Seattle, WA.
    4. The PL5 Vest made of Primaloft Sport is a must have garment for any Cross spectator.
    5. The Cold Fusion Cycling Cap will help get you through the predicted nasty winter.

    Beyond’s Baker Jacket
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  • Lake Sammamish Results are now final

    Thanks for a great time at Lake Sammamish.   All protest emails that were emailed from 11 am on Monday to 11 am on Tuesday have been read and updated.   Results are now FINAL.


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  • Results for Lake Sammamish

    Results for Lake Sammamish were posted on Monday at 11 am.   We will allow for protests until Tuesday at 11 am.   Please note:  If you’ve already sent us an email, there is no need to send another email.   We will continue to fix results today (Tuesday), and the re-posting will happen after 11 am.   Results inquires should be made to and should have the following in the subject:


    Body of the email can explain the inquiry.

    Thanks a ton!

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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Raleigh Bicycles

    MFG Sponsor:   Raleigh Bicycles


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    Location: Kent, WA

    We’d like to think that our partnership with Raleigh Bicycles is exactly that:  a partnership.     When MFG Cyclocross came onto the Seattle scene in 2009, Raleigh was definitely offering cyclocross bicycles, but perhaps in a different way than what the brand looks like today in 2012.   Our friend and Raleigh Marketing Guy Brian “Sally” Fornes has transformed the Raleigh brand to a legitimate, internationally-recognized cyclocross powerhouse.   Over the last four years, Raleigh has graciously supported MFG Cyclocross as Title Sponsor, and together we’ve collaborated on creating a venue (MFG) and a product (Raleigh) to grow the sport and the industry of cyclocross.
    In four short years, Raleigh has transitioned from being a company offering an aluminum cross bike that was meant for racing, but also as a utility bike, to a company that supports cyclocross on nearly every level, all around the globe.   It’s safe to say that Raleigh is the modern day  BOSS of CROSS.  (MFG Trademark here).
    MFG would like say a sincere thanks to Brian and Raleigh Bicycles for supporting our series once again.
    Today, Raleigh can boast the following cyclocross accolades:
    • Raleigh has been the Title Sponsor to MFG Cyclocross for the 4th year in a row.  To our knowledge MFG Cyclocross is the 2nd largest cyclocross series in the world, based on average participation in 2011.
    • Raleigh hosted the first-of-kind Midsummer Night’s Cyclocross in 2011 where the outcome of a single race lead to three professional contracts.    They again accomplished this feat in 2012.
    • In the spring of 2012, Raleigh sponsored the first-ever cyclocross race at Sea Otter, the internationally-recognized, week-long bicycle racing festival.
    • In 2012, Raleigh Bicycles partnered with Clement to present the professional team Raleigh/Clement, featuring an international roster of riders including Belgium’s Ben Berden, France’s Caroline Mani, and Seattle’s very own Craig Etheridge.
    • Raleigh/Clement rider Craig Etheridge is the two-time winner of Cross Vegas in the Wheeler and Dealer category.
    • For 2013, Raleigh offers ELEVEN cyclocross models in it’s line-up.

    Why we like Raleigh:

    Raleigh is the perfect blend of fun, function, and fast.    The Raleigh brand, models, and support for cyclocross is five parts fun, three parts fast, and four parts function.   Between the professional race team, the all new steel Tripper urban CX bike, and the sponsorship of multiple cyclocross races, teams, and events, Raleigh is the real cyclocross deal.

    Five things you should know about Raleigh:

    1.    Raleigh sponsors the Raleigh/Clement professional cyclocross team.

    2.    Raleigh’s cross line-up for 2013 features 11 ‘cross options!

    3.    Raleigh’s underground cyclocross singlespeed team in Seattle is HODALA!

    4.    Raleigh signed a BELGIAN professional rider (Ben Berden) this year to their team!

    5.    Raleigh USA headquarters are in Kent, WA.

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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Stanley a brand of PMI

    MFG Sponsor:  Stanley


    Twitter:  STANELY_PMI

    Facebook: StanleyBottle

    What Stanley does:

    The Stanley brand has been fueling outdoor adventures since 1913.  Whether you need coffee in the am to get going, water to rehydrate, food to refuel, or a shot to toast the win, they have you covered with rugged food and beverage storage products.  Their unparalleled thermal performance and unmatched durability make an investment in a Stanley product one that’s going to last you a lifetime.  Guaranteed.

    Why we like Stanley:

    Their products keep stuff hot for crazy long periods of time. We can forget to drink a thermos of coffee during course setup, find it during course tear down and have a warm pick-me-up at the end of the day.

    Five things you should know about Stanley:

    1. Their products are “Built for Life”.
    2. Stanley uses a proprietary mix of recycled plastics, containing 100% recycled material with up to 25% post consumer content, eCycle, in their products.
    3. Stanley uses BPA-free plastics.
    4. The Hammertone Green metal finish on their vacuum bottles is perfect like cork handlebar tape.
    5. Products can purchased online at


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