Sponsor Spotlight: Rapha

MFG Sponsor: Rapha

Website:  www.rapha.cc

Facebook: Rapha

Twitter:  Rapha

What Rapha does:

Rapha is an interesting company.   On the one hand, they are cycling’s haute couture: a UK-based clothing brand mating cycling’s high and low points on the bike in a tightly-wrapped, smartly-dressed kit.  On the other hand, you cross the pond and head to Portland, OR and Rapha is the center of Portland cool, tatted out just so, with Malkmus-esque hair, yet smartly written, well-connected, and always behaved while putting on invite-only parties.

But what do they make?   Simply put, the anti-kit, the kit-within-a-kit, the head-to-toe cycling statement that you tape your bars on the appropriate holidays, you train with no race in sight, you are hopelessly and interestingly tan for life, and you espresso at least twice a day.   Why?  Because, that’s WHAT you do.

Why we like Rapha:

Simply put Cross Clash! We all know and love the races within the race that develop over the season between the folks you battle with week and week out.

Five things you should know about Rapha:

  1. The company sponsors the cyclocross team Rapha Focus.
  2. Rapha is the proprietor of the Gentleman’s Race, both East and West.
  3. The four-season Wind Jacket should be considered an investment not a purchase. It will pay off.
  4. Rapha went to film school.
  5. Their Silk Scarf will keep your throat warm or your brow dry.


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