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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Rapha

    MFG Sponsor: Rapha


    Facebook: Rapha

    Twitter:  Rapha

    What Rapha does:

    Rapha is an interesting company.   On the one hand, they are cycling’s haute couture: a UK-based clothing brand mating cycling’s high and low points on the bike in a tightly-wrapped, smartly-dressed kit.  On the other hand, you cross the pond and head to Portland, OR and Rapha is the center of Portland cool, tatted out just so, with Malkmus-esque hair, yet smartly written, well-connected, and always behaved while putting on invite-only parties.

    But what do they make?   Simply put, the anti-kit, the kit-within-a-kit, the head-to-toe cycling statement that you tape your bars on the appropriate holidays, you train with no race in sight, you are hopelessly and interestingly tan for life, and you espresso at least twice a day.   Why?  Because, that’s WHAT you do.

    Why we like Rapha:

    Simply put Cross Clash! We all know and love the races within the race that develop over the season between the folks you battle with week and week out.

    Five things you should know about Rapha:

    1. The company sponsors the cyclocross team Rapha Focus.
    2. Rapha is the proprietor of the Gentleman’s Race, both East and West.
    3. The four-season Wind Jacket should be considered an investment not a purchase. It will pay off.
    4. Rapha went to film school.
    5. Their Silk Scarf will keep your throat warm or your brow dry.
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  • Magnuson Park CX Results are now up

    Thanks to all of you for coming out to Magnuson Park and making Saturday special.   SO MANY great things going on yesterday.   Terry and I have already been to the park to rake, seed, and restore the park grounds.   PLEASE STAY OFF THE COURSE over the next month and allow it to heal.

    Results can be found here.

    Magnuson Park CX made the front page of the Seattle Times Northwest section in the Sunday Paper.  Check it out here.

    We’ll see you in two weeks for the 3rd Annual Woodland Park GP.    WOOT! WOOT!

  • Details for Magnuson Park Cross

    Hi Folks!   Thought we’d clue you into some parking and other  information for this Saturday’s race at Magnuson Park:

    *The two main parking lots are as follows:  

    65th Entrance=2 easternmost parking lots near boat launch

    74th Street Entrance=Soccer Complex Parking Lot.    PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE OVERFLOW LOT HALF-WAY DOWN 65th STREET.

    *There is another event on Saturday (5k and 12 k run) from 8:30 am to around noon.   Please be extra courteous of traffic flowing in and out of parking lots.  Their course will be adjacent to 65th Street on the sidewalk so please pay attention when parking.  We’ll be sharing lots with the running event, so please be patient.

    *We’ll be setting teams up in two sections: a TENT-ONLY section and those who require tent AND trailer in another section. You can obvious unload all gear in the TENT-ONLY section and park trailer elsewhere. Please have all team gear loaded in no LATER than 8:00 am and plan to be stationed for the entire day.

    *A huge thanks to Classic Cycle of Bainbridge Island for providing some prizes for today, and for their sponsorship of today’s event. Please make sure to check out Classic Cycle on site throughout the day.

    *Also, thanks to Stanley Cycling Team for their volunteer help throughout tomorrow’s race. If you see the Stanley crew out there, please give them a high five, or at least a “what’s up” head nod.

    *We will be awarding prizes to ALL categories, 3-deep. Results and prizes will be housed under our Customer Service Tent adjacent to registration

    *Beer Winners are as follows. Please pick up beer at Customer Service Tent, adjacent to registration.

    Roland Goeckel
    David Loetterle
    Landon Erickson
    David Loetterle
    Ken Harmon
    Jason Weekes
    John Wendl
    Colin Ferguson
    Patrick Leonard
    Alex Votry
    Eric Langlais
    Mark Roughgarden
    Hilary Paris
    Nikos Mills
    Jim Bowes
    Tony Pletcher
    Donald Perry
    Kyle Foss
    Leina Tani
    Nick Leggett

  • Sponsor Spotlight: Classic Cycle

    MFG Sponsor:   Classic Cycle of Bainbridge Island


    What Classic Cycle offers:

    Classic Cycle is a 26 year old bike shop on Bainbridge Island.   Classic Cycle started in 1985 as a garden and feed store where you could also purchase Trek Bikes.   Now, in their 26th year, you can purchase bikes from Trek, Colnago, Independent Fabrication, Lynskey, Pegoretti, and and Scott.   Classic Cycle is the home shop of the 2010 Collegiate D1 Cyclocross National Champion Zach McDonald.

    Why we like Classic Cycle:

    We like Classic Cycle because of their homage to new and old cycling culture.   Under one roof, you can see a 1953 Schwinn Panther cruiser bike, and also a carbon Colnago C59.   We also love shops that have been around for decades, where their wealth of knowledge is based upon experience, not just Google.

    Five things you should know about Classic Cycle:

    1. It’s Classic Cycle, singular!
    2. Classic Cycle was founded in 1985, and began by selling oats, hay, and live chickens!
    3. The Classic Cycle museum features vintage bikes from multiple eras.
    4. Classic Cycle is the home to Team Rapha Focus rider Zach McDonald.  
    5. Classic Cycle is the day sponsor for MFG #5, Magnuson Park Cross
  • Sponsor Profile – Bob’s Red Mill

    Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods produces more than 400 products, including a full line of certified gluten free products and an extensive line of certified organic products. With a wide variety of whole grain products, from flours and hot cereals to baking mixes and grains, Bob’s Red Mill has “whole grain foods for every meal of the day.”

    We at MFG like Bob’s Red Mill for their widespread of support of cyclocross in addition to the fact they make chocolate cake mix and amazing oatmeal.

    Five things you should know about Bob’s Red Mill:

    1. Local stores that sell Bob’s Red Mill products can be be found here!
    2. The company is employee owned.
    3. The majority of their products are naturally dairy and casein free.
    4. They have a Sesame-Ginger Waffle recipe available online.
    5. Their raw ingredients are sourced from farmers throughout the United States and Canada.