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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Brouwer’s Cafe

    MFG Sponsor:   Brouwer’s Cafe


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    Location: 400 North 35th Street in Fremont at Phinney Ave

    Brouwer’s Cafe has been a MFG sponsor since the beginning, and has graciously hosted the MFG kick-off party and the post-Woodland Park party each year.   This season Brouwer’s Cafe is the title sponsor of the Single Speed Categories. Look for Craig Etheridge and Trista Smith in the Brouwer’s Leader Jerseys this Sunday.

    Brouwer’s Cafe is rich in Belgian decor, food offerings, and of course, beer.   With 300 bottles on hand, nearly 75 beers on draft, and a leather-bound scotch novel, there is a drink worth having for just about anyone at Brouwers.

    What’s more, Brouwer’s is managed by none-other-than Nat P., a regular Hodala! singlespeed tough guy who regularly finds himself creepin’ in the top 10 at all CX SS races.

    Why we like Brouwer’s:

    Really good food, insane beer draft and bottle list, and servers who are willing to make recommendations.   Oh, and clean lines changed on every keg on draft make for QUALITY you won’t find in say, Portland.

    Five things you should know about Brouwer’s Cafe:

    1. Service staff are intelligent and will make recommendations for drinks.
    2. Belgian passion with Manneken Pis in the front entry!
    3. Multiple frite sauces options including aioli, curry ketchup, and tartar.
    4. Uh, hair pedalers!
    5. The 10-person library room on the top floor.

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  • SCCA/Starbucks GP – Mountain Meadows – What you can expect

    This coming Sunday we have a new venue in North Bend at Mountain Meadows Farm, site of many a company picnic. The grounds where we will have our race consists primarily of a section of flat lower ground, and flat to rolling higher ground, though not all that much higher. All in all, expect terrain somewhat similar to Finn Hill with more flat ground and without the steep hill. There will be some nice off camber turns, and a fast start, with a lot of bumpy straights. Remember, the faster you go, the less bumpy it feels.

    I don’t know what kind of soil they have there, but if it rains, we’ll find out. It could be a mudder’s delight in the lower ground closer to the river.

    See you all Sunday.

    Added Highlights (from Terry B):

    • Prizes three deep for all categories.
    • Amazing view of Mount Si.
    • Beer Garden thanks to Deschutes Brewery and Mountain Meadows Farm.
    • Net proceeds donated to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.
    • Call-ups for Cancer Survivors.
    • Food by Here and There Grill.
    • The barrier that got Joey.
    • Blue Star Coffee available at Giro Espresso.
    • Warm-up trainers provided by CycleOps.
    • Demo bikes available thanks to Raleigh.
    • Neutral Support by FSA including neutral wheels in the pit.
    • Chance to win a Deschutes 6-pack if you preregister.


  • Junior Racing Ages for Cyclocross 2011-2012

    All parents of Juniors please understand how age is cyclocross is determined. There has been confusion. Juniors = Age graded 18 and under (born 1994 or later). For the 2011/2012 cyclocross season Junior ages will be broken down by the following birth years: 1994 & 1995 (17-18), 1996 & 1997 (15-16), 1998 & 1999 (13-14), and 2000 – 2002 (10-12). It is done this way because the season bridges 2011-2012 and the World Championships are in February each year. State another way your racing age is your oldest age in 2012 because the 2011-2012 Cyclocross Season ends in 2012.

  • Sponsor Highlight: CycleOps

    MFG Sponsor:   CycleOps


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    CycleOps offers performance training products for cyclists including PowerTap, trainers, and indoor cycles. CycleOps’ goal is to help you find that inner power. To help you maximize your potential. Their complete system of products is designed to allow you to do just this. From power meters to computers to education to software to indoor trainers…and more. They are here to support you on any and all phases of your journey. A system is a sum greater than its individual parts, and the CycleOps System has you covered.

    Why we like CycleOps!

    They will be providing a covered warm-up area with CycleOps trainers all season long for riders (and promoters) to loosen up their legs before their races.

    Five things you should know about CycleOps:

    1. They provided training information on their website.
    2. They offer ten different trainer models.
    3. They use ANT+ communications protocol that allows wireless devices from different manufactures to communicate with their power meters.
    4. Their new rear wheel clamp on their trainers is very easy to use.
    5. They offer PowerAgent for free to analyze your training data.
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  • October 29th Double Header?

    We are racing on 10/29 at new venue in North Bend, King County’s Tanner Landing Park for King County CX. Same day just down the road, Mountain Meadows Farm (venue for SCCA/Starbucks GP) is hosting Zombie Challenge. Zombie Challenge is the ultimate Halloween obstacle course race! Sign up for a late wave at  Zombie Challenge for a perfect cap to a Double Header Saturday 10/29.

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