Preseason #1

Like Jake Locker in Preseason #1, heads did turn last night at MFG Preseason #1 at Magnuson Park.     The race format departed slightly from the traditional timed cross event, with the addition of a semi-final and final round, after 20 minute qualifying heats for Category A, B, and C.

The finals were super fast, and super fun.   It was great to see the A-folk really into watching the C finals.   I believe bets were even going down.   In the end, the winners were:

Cat C, Mike Clark

Cat B, Scott Alexander

Cat A, Jason Williams

Cat C Winner, Mike Clark

Cat B Winner, Scott Alexander

Cat A Winner, Jason Williams


Rich McClung, Chicken Dinner Winner


    • Tim McCormick
    • Aug 25, 2011
    • at 9:43 am

    Thank you. Look forward to next week.

    • pappy
    • Aug 25, 2011
    • at 10:53 am

    Great job last night, guys. Thanks! I have one request – can the second race (5 minute, 1 lap) be done by call-up from the first? Otherwise there is no incentive to be any faster than the 20th guy in the first race. It sucked to finish the B first race at the front and start the second race at the back.

    • Jesse D.
    • Aug 25, 2011
    • at 1:38 pm

    Even though I was a lap down, THAT WAS AWESOME! Can’t wait for next week.

    • Andy Salmon
    • Aug 25, 2011
    • at 3:34 pm

    I challenge the winners to a wrestling match.

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