Midsummer’s Night Cross

You have likely heard the buzz on Facebook, Twitter and CX Magazine (story here) about Raleigh Bicycles and MFG Cyclocross presenting a summer cross race on 7/21 at Suncadia Resort in Roslyn and want more details. We working on them and everything should be finalized soon. CX Magazine has it right on the Raleigh “pro style” contract up for grabs. In addition as many of you have asked there will be races for all ages and abilities. Racing will start in the late afternoon so mark the calendar, get the day off and get the rusty chain replaced on your bike (that means you Porter!).

Zac explaining Suncadia will work real nice for CX!


    • Mike Porter
    • May 25, 2011
    • at 2:30 pm

    Ha! I love it I got called out!

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