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  • Cyclocross-specific park

    MFG was contacted in December by King County about the potential future development of a cyclocross-specific park. We are working with the county now, and would like to get your feedback regarding this possible idea.

    Would you please take this 10 question survey?  We will collect responses through 6pm on February 2nd.

    Please keep in mind that this idea is in it’s infancy, and is far from a done-deal.  That said, all of us at MFG really value your feedback and want to start the dialog by listening to you-the-cyclocross enthusiast.

    Any general comments about this park, this idea, etc. can be left on this blog post below.

    Only 234 more days until 2011 MFG #1!

  • Meeting of the Masters’ Minds

    What: Meeting of the Masters’ Minds

    When: Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 at 7:00 PM

    Where: Cascade Bicycle Studio, 115 North 36th Street, Suite A, Seattle, WA 98103

    Why: So you 35+ racers are our biggest user group at MFG Cyclocross. We would love to have you all come by Cascade Bicycle Studio to chat about our series and what we can do to improve the experience. We are especially interested in input about races durations, category definitions and extending the season. With US CX Nationals moving to January and Masters CX Worlds coming to the US in 2012 we are curious how this will all affect your participation in cyclocross next season.

    Please stop by, have a beer and give us your opinions. Thanks.


    • Do you want races in December?
    • 60 minute, 50 minute, 45 minute races for Master 1/2 Men?
    • Will you skip CX Nationals now that they are in January?
    • Are considering racing Masters CX Worlds in Louisville, KY in 2012?
    • Should we start a Master National Development Category (read make the 35+ Cat 1/2 Masters race with Cat 1/2 Men)?
    • Should we raise / lower or maintain the current Master racing ages?
    • Saturday races? Good? Bad?
    • Are there needs we are ignoring for Masters Women?

    Please RSVP via Facebook. Thank you.

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