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  • Getting dumped never felt so fun

  • Sponsor Spotlight: Rapha

    MFG Sponsor: Rapha


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    What Rapha does:

    Rapha is an interesting company.   On the one hand, they are cycling’s haute couture: a UK-based clothing brand mating cycling’s high and low points on the bike in a tightly-wrapped, smartly-dressed kit.  On the other hand, you cross the pond and head to Portland, OR and Rapha is the center of Portland cool, tatted out just so, with Malkmus-esque hair, yet smartly written, well-connected, and always behaved while putting on invite-only parties.

    But what do they make?   Simply put, the anti-kit, the kit-within-a-kit, the head-to-toe cycling statement that you tape your bars on the appropriate holidays, you train with no race in sight, you are hopelessly and interestingly tan for life, and you espresso at least twice a day.   Why?  Because, that’s WHAT you do.

    Why we like Rapha:

    It’s hard not to like Rapha.   The brand is about the dark side of cycling and the lightness of cadence; the brand is subtle, but most importantly, the brand is about quality.

    Five things you should know about Rapha:

    1. The company sponsors the cyclocross team Rapha Focus.
    2. Rapha is the proprietor of the Gentleman’s Race, both East and West.
    3. You’ll never regret the purchase of the Stowaway Jacket, now called the Wind Jacket.
    4. Rapha went to film school.
    5. When was the last time you coveted an umbrella?
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  • Woodland Park: Yeah, You Remember

    We return to Woodland Park with the same course as last year, with perhaps a few minor tweaks. You should remember the long dragging uphill start, the fast, wide, flowing lanes interspersed with hills and off camber bits, both subtle and obvious. For the many people who train here during the week, you’ll recognize much of the ground, but we’ve put it together in a tight spectator friendly fashion.

    If you weren’t here last year, then come see what the fuss is about. You might ask if the course is ‘hard’. Well, that’s entirely up to you isn’t it? Whether you make it hard or not, we’ll do everything we can to help you make it fun.

    Most current forecasts are calling for a partly cloudy day. We’ll see how it turns out. We look forward to seeing you all there.


  • Sponsor Spotlight: Clif Bar

    MFG Sponsor: Clif Bar



    Twitter:  clifbar

    What Clif Bar does:

    Clif Bar is a leading maker of nutritious, all-natural, organic foods and drinks, including CLIF® BAR energy bar, LUNA®, The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women®; and CLIF Kid®, Nourishing Kids in Motion®.  Focused on sports nutrition and healthy snacks, the employee and family-owned company is committed to sustaining its people, brands, business, community and planet.

    Why we like Clif Bar:

    They are sponsoring a clean-up party at Woodland Park on Monday 11/15 the day after the MFG Cyclocross Woodland Park GP.

    Five things you should know about Clif Bar:

    1. The company is named for the founders father.
    2. Clif Bar strives to incorporate sustainability criteria into packaging design.
    3. Offers over sixteen energy products.
    4. Is highly involved in bettering communities and the environment.
    5. Was born with the thought, “I could make a better bar then this!”
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  • Team Standings – Unofficial

    It was recently suggested to me that we should have some type of team competition within MFG Cyclocross next year. We have actually discussed this in the past but believe it or not we don’t get everything done we talk about. Anyway I added up all the season points to date and unofficially rank the teams, HERE! Key work here is unofficially so please don’t start sending emails about missed points or team names and such.

    MFG Cyclocross Top FiveTeams:


    It is a pretty close competition. I’ll try to post Final Unofficial Team Rankings next week to see who won. Get your teammates out there Sunday at Woodland Park GP.

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