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  • Final Team Standings – Unofficial

    Here is the final unofficially ranking of the teams in the series. We are strongly considering a formal team competition for next season. Might not just be about points. Bribing the promoter with homemade baked goods might be worth extra points. Or logging in more spectator hours then other teams might get you points (I hope a chip system works for that as well!).  Please keep in mind this is all unofficial so please don’t start sending emails about missed points or team names and such.

    Top Five MFG Cyclocross Teams:

    3    RAD RACING NW    1395
    5    FIRST RATE MORTGAGE    1364

  • Woodland Park

    MFG Cyclocross – Woodland Park GP from j.cameron.b Productions on Vimeo.

  • Sponsor Spotlight: Deschutes

    MFG Sponsor:Deschutes


    Twitter:   Deschutes

    Facebook: Deschutes

    What Deschutes does:

    Deschutes Brewery, located in Central Oregon along the banks of the wild and scenic Deschutes River, has brewed a family of handcrafted ales since 1988. Starting out as a small brewpub in the heart of downtown Bend, Deschutes’ first beers were Black Butte Porter, Bachelor Bitter and Cascade Golden Ale.

    Now Deschutes offers seven year-round offerings:

    • Black Butte Porter
    • Mirror Pond Pale Ale
    • Inversion IPA
    • Obsidian Stout
    • Green Lakes Organic Ale
    • Cascade Ale
    • Bachelor ESB

    Why we like Deschutes:

    When you visit Bend, OR., it seems super likely that you’d stop by the brew pub to have a meal and a drink.  If you stop by for during Cross Nationals, be sure to sample the Ultimate Pub Fries and the House-Baked Pretzel to get things started.    The atmosphere is uniquely Bend at the Public House:  laid back, friendly, with most patrons having a lower heart than yours.

    Deschutes has been extremely generous to MFG and to StarCrossed, and to cyclocross in general.   Even after being a major sponsor and host to a national caliber event like CX Nats in 2009 and in 2010, Deschutes still dedicates time, effort, and money to other cyclocross events on the regional and local level.

    At StarCrossed this year, over 18 kegs were drained, and next year Deschutes has a plan to speed up lines and serve even more beer!  At MFG this year, Deschutes generously offered select and random pre-registered riders 6-packs BEFORE they even started racing!

    Deschutes clearly loves cyclocross and has been so supportive of MFG.


    Five things you should know about Deschutes:

    1. Black Butte Porter, Bachelor Bitter, and Cascade Golden Ale were the OG three beers back in 1988.
    2. Red Chair NWPA is a more subtle, less-hoppy pale, which is available seasonally.
    3. Black Butte XXI (Special Reserve) is 11% ABV!
    4. Deschutes Brewery Brewmaster is Larry Sidor
    5. Yes, a black IPA does exist!
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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Stanley

    MFG Sponsor:  Stanley


    Twitter:  STANELY_PMI

    Facebook: StanleyBottle

    What Stanley does:

    Since 1913, the Stanley brand has been building durable, rugged products that last. Passed down from generation to generation, the Stanley® vacuum bottle is an icon. Today, Stanley delivers superior food and beverage gear for rugged, active lifestyles and remain dedicated to this simple promise: Buy Stanley® products, get quality gear.

    Why we like Stanley:

    Stanley is the new awesome in support of US Cyclocross sponsoring StarCrossed, MFG, US Grand Prix of Cyclocross, Team Stanley, SSCXWC and The Stanley Portland Cup coming up on December 4th & 5th.  Their products also do a great job of keeping hot food hot on cold, wet CX days.

    Five things you should know about Stanley:

    1. Their products are “Built for Life”.
    2. You can win prizes by telling your Built for Life story to Stanley.
    3. Stanley uses BPA-free plastics.
    4. The Hammertone Green metal finish on their vacuum bottles is perfect like cork handlebar tape.
    5. Products can purchased online at

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  • Coverage of Woodland Park GP

    Kenton Berg reports at Cyclocross Magazine, here!

    The Ballard Tribune made it out to the races Sunday. Story and photos, here!

    The Everett Herald ventured south to cover Woodland Park GP, read their story, here!.

    Dennis Crane’s photos on