Parking at MFG #5: King County CX


We are working on results for MFG #4, and they should be up today around 2pm.

In the meantime, if you are looking to invest time at work on all things MFG (ha!) please note the very specific details for parking this weekend at Lakewood Park.   If you are local, and have additional feedback for fellow racers, please post a comment on this entry.   Here are notes on where to park (and not to park) this weekend:

1.   ALL lots previously used at Highline School District (Evergreen High School/Playfields) will not be open. Highline School District will be locking the gates, and are specifically asking folks to NOT warm up on any part of school property.   If you have questions about why Highline is making this request, and closing their lots, please contact us.

2.   The best parking options for the race include:

  • The actual Lakewood Park lots off of 10th Ave (less than 100 spots) and also off of 108th Street.  (less than 50 spots)
  • The White Center Food Bank lot at the top of the venue, accessed from 8th Ave/108th St.  Please  park in ACTUAL spots,  and read signs pertaining to fire lanes
  • On-street parking along both sides of 108th Street (between 10th and 4th Ave)

We have created a detailed map to help you out.   Please spread the word to teammies, family, and friends.

And, like always, please respect the neighborhood by parking legally, using the restrooms AT the venue, and packing out all trash near your vehicle.


    • john marken
    • Oct 29, 2010
    • at 4:25 pm

    just took a turn at the park, near my house. Its going to be a very welcome change. Ground/grass is dry and hard this evening, very rolly terrain, probably fast depending on how they run it.

    btw, You can also park west of the park.

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