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  • Pacific Grand Prix – I think You’ll like it

    MFG #4, & Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships at Pacific Grand Prix, a ‘Go-Kart’ Track. Terry has been hyping up the venue for a couple of weeks now but decided to keep the course map under wraps. That won’t keep me from delivering a brief synopsis of what to expect though.

    There will be pavement, there will be grass, there will be gravel, there will most likely be mud, there will be smooth, and there will be bumpy. This course will have it all: Long fast stretches, subtle off camber bits, a run-up, a couple of hills, and some whoops. That’s right, no pedaling, bike pumping whoops. But I’ll warn you right now: don’t just bomb them; that last one is a doozy.

    I’m also planning on there being a full UCI Cat 1 legal length 70 meter pit for your mechanic’s enjoyment.

    Come on out and race in the mealstrom that the weathermen are predicting, and hang about to see the SSCXWC racing (and silliness) at the end of the day.

    We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday for some racing fun.

  • MFG #4 and SSCXWC to be covered live on video

    People are flying into town, couches are being surfed, and preparations are being made for Sunday’s MFG #4 race, which concludes with the Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships at 3:30 pm.   Please note the MFG race schedule has been altered slightly for this race only, so the MFG singlespeed race is not back-to-back with the WC race.

    We are happy to announce our continued partnership with PGP Motorsports Park with LIVE video coverage of the entire day of racing.   Starting at 9:30, each race will be covered on live video, from three different camera angles at PGP Motorsports Park.   Each start time will be set up on the PGP website as a chapter, and you will be able to watch the race live, or return back to the event and watch a race on-demand.    We are certain this is the first time the SSCXWC event has been broadcast live.

    You can still register for MFG #4 races here, as well as the SSCXWC here.

    ALL MFG Races:  On-site reg possible; online reg closes 8 pm Pacific on Friday, 10/22

    SSCXWC RacePRE-REG only.   Mandatory qualifying race Saturday, online reg closes Wednesday (Today) at 5pm Pacific.

    Do you want to sit in your hamster cube on Monday morning and talk about this, or this?

    You decide!

  • MFG and SSCXWC on BicycleRadio will be interviewing us and the folks from Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships at 7:00 PM tonight to discuss the growth of SS Cross and the SSCXWC coming up on 10/24. Catch it live or on demand there after.

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  • Sponsor Spotlight: The Cycling House

    MFG Sponsor:   The Cycling House


    Facebook: thecyclinghouse

    Location: Tucson, AZ

    The Cycling House was born out of cold Montana winters being training-prohibitive in the InterWest region.   The goal was to find a venue where the weather was great, the rain was non-existent, and the terrain was plentiful:   namely, Tucson, Arizona.

    The Cycling House takes a comprehensive approach to the concept of a training vacation by incorporating elements such as health, nutrition, and equipment along side great rides, amazing food, and first-class accommodations.

    The Cycling House includes the following during each stay:

    • Accommodations
    • Airport Transportation
    • Bike Assembly/Breakdown
    • Fully Guided Rides
    • Gourmet Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    • Coaching
    • Trail Running Guide
    • Hammer Nutrition Fuels
    • Lap Swim Shuttles
    • Bike Handling Clinic
    • Massage Therapy Available*
    • Core Workout Sessions
    • Motor Pacing
    • Bike Rentals**
    • Garmin Fitness Demos
    • CycleOps PowerTap Demos
    • HED Demo Wheels
    • Mechanical Support
    • WiFi
    • Washer/Dryer

    *Sports massage available from a very experienced therapist. $65/hour, $35/half hour.

    **Brand new top of the line road bike rentals for $25 per day.

    Why we like The Cycling House

    As if it wasn’t enough to provide amazing food and first-class accommodations, The Cycling House offers Power Tap demos, Garmin demos, brand-name nutrition, and high end bike rentals at a very affordable price.    What’s more, The Cycling House is dialed down to details such as all-natural shampoos, conditions, and soaps.   It’s the little details that count, right?

    The Cycling House has been a proud sponsor of MFG Cyclocross for two years now, and last year their week-long stay at the house was the first and most desired prize among the MFG category winners.    Ask Kevn R. of for details on his stay!

    Five things you should know about The Cycling House:

    1. The most cost-effective winter camp week for 2011 is January 13-18th.
    2. Included in your stay is bicycle assemble and breakdown.
    3. In June 2011, a Montana camp option is available!
    4. Custom Camps are available!
    5. TCH president Owen G. raced for the Seattle-based Broadmark Capital Cycling Team, now Hagens Berman.
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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Brouwer’s Cafe

    MFG Sponsor:   Brouwer’s Cafe



    Location: 400 North 35th Street in Fremont at Phinney Ave

    Brouwer’s Cafe has been a MFG sponsor for both seasons, and has graciously hosted the MFG kick-off party and the post-Woodland Park party for two years in a row.   Brouwer’s Cafe is rich in Belgian decor, food offerings, and of course, beer.   With 300 bottles on hand, nearly 75 beers on draft, and a leather-bound scotch novel, there is a drink worth having for just about anyone at Brouwers.

    What’s more, Brouwer’s is managed by none-other-than Nat P., a regular Hodala! singlespeed tough guy who regularly finds himself creepin’ in the top 15 at all CX SS races.

    Currently, Brouwer’s just began Washington Beer Fest, and the list of choices on draft is astounding.

    Why we like Brouwer’s:

    Really good food, insane beer draft and bottle list, and servers who are willing to make recommendations.   Oh, and clean lines changed on every keg on draft make for QUALITY you won’t find in say, Portland.

    Five things you should know about Brouwer’s Cafe:

    1. Service staff are intelligent and will make recommendations for drinks.
    2. Belgian passion with Manneken Pis in the front entry!
    3. Multiple frite sauces options including aioli, curry ketchup, and tartar.
    4. Uh, hair pedalers!
    5. The 10-person library room on the top floor.